This Technique Makes Mushrooms & Walnuts TASTE LIKE BEEF?! (I'm still shocked)


Walnuts? And mushrooms? Into ground beef? Yup. We’re doing it. Sometimes it’s easier to buy these things but why can’t we make our own vegan meat at home?! Try this recipe out and use it in any of your favourite dishes that call for ground beef!

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  1. Here's my take. Well, what I never understood about the psychology of vegans. First of all, just embrace it. What I mean is this. If someone said , hey we have crunchy tacos, they are really great beef substitute etc.. I'd say ew! But if you said, Hey, I've got tacos I filled with mushrooms and walnuts, I'd say, oh Hell yeah! I love both of those!

  2. I make faux meat out of mushrooms, black olives (unbrined) and pecans. The pecans taste more like meat than walnuts do. Besides, if you use walnuts, the heat destroys the omega-3 fatty acids. You should try it using pecans sometime. Some people add cooked beans and chili fixings. I tried using black-eyed peas once and it was delicious.

  3. I chop walnuts up and mix them with onion, garlic, coconut oil(or butter) and thai basil. Put them into the caps of portabella with (because I eat dairy) cream cheese and smoked gouda. Bake them until most of the moisture is gone.
    Just the best flavor!

  4. I really want to try this and I’m not even a fan of mushrooms (as a matter of fact, I hate them, but maybe I can enjoy them like this, mixed with walnuts ☺️). But, just a thought that occurred to me: ground beef is also something (or rather someone) that was turned into something else. It’s just that, as a non vegan culture, this became so natural. Thanks!

  5. Tried this recipe to make me some sloppy Joes it works some how the taste is super but the consiticenty when i made it couldnt get the walnuts soft enough they were a little like not Cook enough bulgur Any advice
    Regards Kim from Denmark

  6. Oooo Tabitha Brown did this too and it looked sooo good! This looks great too! I usually use cauliflower and mushrooms to do something similar and it's so good ☺️❤️ However you do have to use a paper towel or something to squeeze out excess water so it's not too watery, but it's definitely worth it. Can't wait to give this a try as well☺️❤️

  7. Dried mushrooms work even better! Something about the drying and rehydration process makes them so umami packed and gives them a meaty texture. I'm an omnivore and if someone presented me with a beef mince or a dried and rehydrated mushroom mix, I'd pick the mushrooms. The texture is sublime.