This savory MEAL PREP dish is SWEET!


You are going to love these vegan chorizo stuffed sweet potatoes. I’ve combined a chorizo walnut mixture with a lemon tahini sauce and put over top perfectly cooked sweet potatoes for a delicious meal every time!

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

★Recipe ★


🌱 Try with Sweet & Savory Garlic Twists:


00:00 how to make vegan chorizo stuffed sweet potatoes
3:50 vegan chorizo stuffed sweet potatoes finished
4:30 why I don’t use sweet potatoes as often as I should
5:35 how to bake a sweet potato
6:34 can I use regular potatoes instead of sweet potatoes
6:55 how to properly cook walnuts for this dish
7:30 other protein swaps for walnuts
7:45 why we toast our spices
8:35 apple cider vinegar substitutes
9:04 do you say loaded or stuffed?
9:08 tahini mixture texture and how to thin out

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  1. This reminds me as a little kid put tin foil around the potato and put it in the fire place makes the house smell good and the potato taste so good with out anything on top. I'm try this recipe out. I like pumpkin pie as a kid but now I just bake it for people but I don't eat pies anymore really.

  2. Another great recipe 😊can't wait to make it love sweet potatoes don't eat them often, can I use black beans in place of walnuts?and I was going to use sour cream instead of tahini?HAPPY Easter if you celebrate 😊will be waiting for your next video 🎉❤😊

  3. We're not just looking at something healthy and certainly at the height of flavor here. Its construction is enigmatic, the sautéing of seasonings, the subtle presence of ingredients. Two equally enigmatic questions remain in dismay. Why is this work of art and health not financially accessible to a large number of people? How can people with purchasing power, with so much opportunity for this knowledge, manage to keep chewing and swallowing ground meat with ketchup and mayonnaise? Congratulations always!