This Recipe Won a Million Dollars. Seriously!


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  1. I get a beautiful browning on BOTH SIDES of my chaffle if I add the batter, press down and wait about 30 seconds….FLIP THE CHAFFLE MAKER OVER on its head. Cook for 2 minutes, then flip back upright, and finish cooking. Works GREAT. Similar principle to a Belgian waffle maker.

  2. There are two reasons that I love that LMNT sponsors your channel.
    1. I learn something good about cooking, Keto, and my relationship to food with every video.
    2. LMNT works and tastes better than any other electrolyte drink I have ever had. I wish I had known about it sooner.

  3. I made this a few weeks ago based on the video you ladies did about it before and used your updated chaffle recipe. I ate it open-faced and didn't even put cheese on it and I believe it won a million dollars. It was amazing. Even my non-keto kid stole one serving.

  4. This video has reinspired me to make chaffles. I don't like mozzarella cheese to begin with and couldn't find any low moisture. Then I decided to try an aged cheddar brand that I love. It worked like a charm. You both mentioned previously that other cheeses could work however, I wasn't convinced until I saw this recipe. My now new favorite sandwich.

  5. I need to make this for my hubs (husband). I'm deathly allergic to onions. But you make it look so good, maybe it's worth it?! I'll try it without the onions, but I'm sure it won't be the same. Probably only worth 500K without the onions. 🙂 Thanks, you guys are so funny and sweet.

  6. y'all have created a monster…. ME!!! I bought a box of that STooPID Cheetos Mac and cheese. I opened the packet and used some to make cheese peanuts. They were great. then I licked the spoon I used to mix them. The next 15 minutes is a blur of me watching YouTube videos about pet monkeys while licking spoonfuls of cheese powder from an empty peanut butter lid… I can't stop

  7. I REALLY WISH Y’ALL WOULD EXPERIMENT WITH OAXACA CHEESE!!! I shred oaxaca and use it as breading for chicken nuggets and it’s amazing!! PANELA cheese is also amazing as crispy (but not as crispy as Oaxaca) little fried cheese bites!

    I wonder how well some oaxaca would be in the chaffels!

  8. Ok… I just made the chaffle…. have no xan gum…. so….. I used 2 egg whites and had to add a lil more cheese…. due to the second egg white…. used the two waffle waffle maker….. THESE ARE SO GOOD…. oh me oh my….. 😋😋😋 will try sandwiches nxt

  9. Hey Keto twins, I love gravy, hate gum, I tried Mushroom powder or flour I made from dried mushrooms, you can also purchase mushroom powder online. Also, egg yolk can be used as a thickener like in carbonara or Greek lemon soup. I would love it if you did a video on gravy.