This is Why Your Favorite Influencers are Quitting Keto


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Sarah and I sit down and talk about why influencers quit keto.

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  1. OH, PLEEZE…” Influencer “ is SUCH A TRIVIAL crap, phrase…And when “ Influencers “ drop Keto because of lack of supporters or “ boredom” or just for popularity—well, that is the sign of a trivial, IMPATIENT, little mind. YOU are not TRIVIAL…YOU ARE BRAVE AND DEDICATED…and beloved because you are real, you are sincere. you know that Keto is not a weight loss fad, but a way of maintaining good health, especially for those who need to reach and maintain good health. Keto is FOREVER AND SO ARE YOU…and darling girls, take it from an older but still with-it woman, you could read the Chicago phone book and it would always come out sincere, funny, and fascinating. (And BTW, YOU TWO ARE THE TRIBE MOST OF US HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR! And are delighted to find! 💛💓💚)

  2. Too many haters in the world , most just want to start fights, hurt feelings, others are jealous of what others have accomplised. You both are beautiful and you don't need fake eyelashes, Live simple enjoy life, be happy and make others happy just by being you. We Love you for it and I thankyou for being there for me through a keto lifestyle. ❤❤❤❤

  3. My husband and i will have been Keto for 3 years the end of January!!! We will be Keto the rest of our lives. We used to be so excited to share our experience but now we just say we are living the Keto life style and we aren't changing that and we are not sorry we are doing this. If someone is interested in talking about it for themselves we will tell them about it but if not fine. I am tired of trying to convince people that this is something they need to be doing. Is it hard, yes and do we cheat now and then , yes are we feeling and looking better, yes. This is the best thing we have ever done!!!!!! Keep up the good work, girls!

  4. I enjoyed your gardening ( even though I don’t garden) and I enjoyed learning about your thrifting. My daughter got me into thrift stores. I’m lazy keto and you are who I go to when motivation starts to wander. Love your cooking too. You cook like me❤I might be worse. You gave me the absolute best chaffle and how to cook cauliflower rice so it’s edible.I couldn’t figure out who had millions of viewers and quit keto? It is weird why people are so defensive of a diet. Hope your channel continues to grow and I will always be turning in.❤

  5. It’s kinda funny that right when research showing Keto isn’t so bad comes out, everyone is jumping ship. Shrug.

    I have watched you off and on. I lost motivation during 2020. But because of channels like yours I came back and even got a personal training certification. I am Keto because of cravings. I will definitely visit more often because of this video. Thanks for sharing your lives with us! ❤️

  6. Yes, ohmygosh! I’m not a content creator but as a user I have to be careful with the comments because I will lose my mind. I don’t know why it has to be such a cesspool and the bigger the creator the worse it seems to be. Not easy as a user, I’m sure it feels even more painful as a creator.

  7. I ate low-carb for many years, and gradually my carb tolerance got lower so now I find keto is what works for me. It is Atkins Induction made permanent. I had to stop watching some foodie videos because they stopped doing keto recipes. That is what I need. It is hard to keep cooking for a special diet year after year, decade after decade, so I need recipes with new flavors and spices etc. I don’t hate them, I just changed the channel.

  8. You two are fantastic! You are real, you are honest, and you are enjoyable to watch. I wish me saying don’t listen to the haters would help, but I know it doesn’t. Maybe another reason why in December your views went down a little is because life is a little busier? I stayed keto but I also missed some of your videos just because of lack of hours in the day. Love you two, love your videos. Happy 2023! 👍👏👏✌️❤️😊

  9. Keto keeps my diabetes controlled. I would say I change it up about every three months. Keto to Ketovore to Carnivore. I ignore the "keto police" and channels that tell me I "have" to do this. It's a lifestyle, not a prison. That was lifechanging. I am an all or nothing kind of girl. I realized I needed to change that attitude in order to get the benefits from Keto. Thank you for your hard work.