This High Protein Meal Prep Doesn't Need to be Reheated | Dijon Chicken & Pasta Salad


With summer just around the corner, sometimes it can be nice to eat a cool meal for a refreshing change. This Dijon Chicken and Pasta Salad recipe is meant to be eaten cold. The recipe can be found here:

Nutritional Estimates from MacroFactor.

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  1. Shakey shake? Lol. I learn so many kewl terms on this channel, plus some awesome recipes. I’m wondering why I’m not getting notices on the videos? Not trying to be a cry-ass. Keep ‘em coming!

    Oh, next time I’m in Austin I’ll bring you stuff to cook with. Just saying.

  2. salad dressing pro tip: Mix some xanthan gum into 1-2 tablespoons of oil then substitute the rest of the oil with water. The gum helps both thicken it and act as an additional emulsifier. It mixes best into oil first not water. Since you still have oil in it you still get that oily mouth-feel and the carrier for fat-soluble flavor compounds, but drastically lower in calories. Use a super good-quality EVO if you want to make sure the olive oil flavor is still there

  3. As a sub for the dressing, just use italian dressing. I've been making a variant of this salad for years and this goes really well. Don't buy the lite dressing, it's just watered down and won't actually do what you want with it.