This Healthy Butter Chicken has 59G of Protein


This Indian recipe is made in 15 minutes. Enjoy 🙂

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Macros Butter chicken without rice: 583 Calories, 40C, 18F, 59P
Chicken thigh skinless boneless 210g
Onion 100g
Sieved tomatoes 200g
Low fat evaporated milk 100g
laughing cow wedge 1
Greek yogurt 50g
Garam masala, garlic, paprika, turmeric, cayenne pepper, salt, pepper

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  1. I've just made this in batch with 1kg of chicken and only used a 400g can of diced tomatoes, 200g of evaporated milk and 3 wedges of cheese and that was enough in that case, just had to adjust the spices but it ended up in a flavor bomb 🔥 Also, charring 1kg of chicken in a pan or a pot takes a while as it needs to be done little by little, so to save me some time and actually get something that had even more of a tandoori feeling, I just tossed everything at once in the pot for a few minutes until the outside was cooked but still pale, but then I put everything flat on a sheet pan and charred the hell out of the chicken bits with a blowtorch, that worked perfectly. (and I use a whole sliced nappa cabbage to add volume and because I love it, but that's drifting away a lot from actual butter chicken :p)

  2. I just made this today using this recipe for the first time with the suggestions from the top comment and it was absolutely amazing! The laughing cow cheese and the evaporated milk are genius ideas. I made it in a 1kg chicken portion and the best part is that the ingredients like the canned diced tomato and one can of evaporated milk were just enough for no waste. A part of cooking with canned items I really dislike is when I don't need all of it or when I just need a little more than what is contained so this works out very well in the end with no waste! Great macros and recipe overall.

  3. one suggestion. add bit of lemon juice in marination. it will add nice flavour & will keep the chicken juicy & soft. add some soaked cashews with onions, tomato puree & masalas while cooking. cashews will make the gravy bit thick & after cooking, let everything cool down, then grind them all together. now add some butter in pan, then add this gravy & chicken. mix them well & cook it for 5 mins.

  4. Can someone please give me advice on where I’m supposed to get this laughing cheese wedge at? I tried my Vons and gelsons and nothing.

    Also what brand / product should I get for the tomatoes? I don’t know the P word the video uploader put on and there’s a lot of different tomato cans I don’t know what to get. Sorry for my unculturedness 😂

  5. It would be far healthier if you make your own garam masala at home. That is rather healthy as it is organic and does not have saturated fats and chemicals. You should also use your own ground turmeric that you can make from the turmeric plant.

    P.S indian dishes are typically made with red onions, not white.