This Healthy Breakfast has 45g of Protein (Potato hash)


This Egg breakfast has 45g of protein and will get you ready for the day. Enjoy 🙂

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Macros entire recipe: 615 calories, 58C, 24F, 45P
Potatoes 250g
Eggs 3
Onion 70g
Ham chicken 100g
Salt, pepper, chili powder
Soy sauce 25g
Oil 7g

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  1. I would need exactly 6 of these per day to get in my optimum daily dose of protein, which is 270g on 135kg boday mass 🤣.. But I would just add lowfat quark to one dish and its getting up 60g of protein, so we are at 105g for this dish, which is really good. And lowfat quark has only 340kcal on 500g.

  2. A few suggestions.
    1. A better technique if you're using less oil is to lower the heat and not stir too much to get those potatoes crispy and brown as opposed to dark brown-blackish as in the video.
    2. Always add soya sauce on the sides of the pan or in direct contact with the pan. It's well known to always let the sauce sizzle/sear a bit before you incorporate in into the food.
    Great video!