This Hack Makes The Easiest Keto Tomato Soup EVER!


In this video we make a delicous creamy tomato soup with chaffles and pickle chips to dip in the soup! This soup is so easy and keto friendly!

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(In the recipe we used a white cheddar instead of mozzarella!)
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  1. Found that hack with marinara about 15 years ago at a food expo using Rold Gold marinara sauce and half and half. You can change it to heavy cream, or light cream depends on your macros, you can just add chicken broth, too. also use any type of sauce you like, I look for less than 6 net per serving, 1/2 cup serving.

  2. Oh ladies!!! I am SO tickled to see these hacks!!! I can’t wait to try the pickle chips, I want to do the nacho idea too, and the soup!!! Oh I had forgotten how much I loved LeMadeline’s tomato basil soup!!! I am so thrilled with this lifestyle (it really is fun trying new things and making the subs, etc) and have JUST today met my first weight loss goal!!! Oh so far to go still, but goal #1-DONE! Y’all doing these videos help so much—helping keep me trying new things, keep me focused, keep me giggling, keep me on track! Once again, great vid and thanks!!

  3. My family also loves tomatoe soup with a Grilled cheese sandwich. I follow Jennifer Banz and I love her Keto recipes. She makes Tomato soup this way with RAOs, 1 cup Chicken broth, but she also adds 2 Tbsp Tomato paste and 2 Tbsp of a granulated sweetner such a Stevia. Growing up I was always taught to add sugar to my tomato base recipes to bring out the tomato flavor. Only sharing in case your viewers are interested.

    The pickles are delicious if you add a tiny bit of Ranch Powder to the top of the pickle before adding more cheese.
    **I need more recipes for seasoning Cauliflower Rice please. I do not have a creative ideas on what spices to add together to season my rice with. I would definitely appreciate it. Love you ladies!

  4. I am still so excited y'all have merch that I identity with so strongly.

    I make cheesy pickles in my chaffle maker and they are a delicious snack. I have also used jalapeno or onions. It's just me so I don't really need 12 of them. However, I wonder if you could reheat them or save them as batch cooking is always helpful.

    I am not a fan of marinara or tomato soup but I appreciate you sharing the hack for those who do. Perfect time of year for it indeed. Have a great week. 🥰