This Carnivore Bread Will Surprise You!


In this video, we made carnivore soul bread for the first time!

Soul Bread Recipe:
Hamilton Beach Food Processor-
Truff Mayo-
Whey Protein Isolate-

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  1. I like that bread -I think I may try it. However,I was wondering if you guys were going to try the flour that comes from Victoria's Keto Kitchen? but more 2-point -you guys do a lot of the element promotions and I am wondering if they are they going to make different flavors like Blueberry or strawberry or plain Lemon-blackberry would be yummy. Anyway, thanks for trying these recipes.

  2. I wonder if you added yeast would it taste more traditional and less cheesecake-y? Or maybe some sort of seasoning? Im looking forward to trying this and actually have everything but the beef gelatin. I will go look for that this afternoon before church and hopefully be able to let you know tomorrow! I am always excited to see another video from you ladies but I don’t necessarily always try them all. THIS one I’m VERY hopeful for!! I have made the flour from Victoria’s Kitchen but haven’t actually tried making bread with it. Have you-I can’t remember?

  3. Thanks for this recipe. I've heard about it. Good to see it in action by you. How about making the KETO/GLUTEN FREE WHITE BREAD LOAF by Low carb/keto recipes and having fun Vernaz a try? Would be great to see what you think of it. It's totally egg free.

  4. Katherine Michelle has a keto site with a recipe for egg loaf which is a substitute for French toast that is so awesome – only thing I do different is that I add a few drops of the only stevia I’ll use – NOW Better Stevia, maple flavor and French vanilla. This bread has similar ingredients. And yes it’s an amazing French toast – even my non keto children requested me to frequently make it. The trick to hers is that the slices are pan sautéed after the loaf was baked.

  5. If you've ever seen Angel food cake made, it will similarly deflate if you 1. Take it out of the baking tin and 2. Allow it to cool UPRIGHT.

    However, if you cool it in the pan turned UPSIDE DOWN gravity keeps the cake from deflating.

    Next time you make this bread try this Angel food cake technique and cool the bread upside-down in the pan and see what happens.

  6. Hi Twins! I think this would be a very luxurious French Toast for us in the Keto 🌎! Made me wna make a loaf as soon as I saw that butter swirl in that Maple surple! 😋 Added bonus is that it can be used in Sweet or Savory application.
    It's a "Twin"-Win!! 😊
    Okay Girls; you should coin that phrase!? ❤
    Blessings from Iowa, Lauri

  7. The protein powder that you used can be substituted one to one for wheat flour ( or so I have been told)- I have used it in part substitution , with good results, but never have I used it completely – it did work with using King Arthur Keto Flour blend for a pound cake…