This Anti-inflammatory Meal Will Make You Feel Great


This dish is loaded with nutrients and anti-inflammatory ingredients that will have you feeling great. While this is definitely a comfort food, this creamy coconut rice and spiced chickpeas dish is great year round.

This dish is simple, easy, ready in 30 minutes and all made in one skillet!

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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★Recipe ★



00:00 How to Make Creamy Coconut Rice and Spiced Chickpeas
3:50 Creamy Coconut Rice and Spiced Chickpeas Finished
4:00 Are you Pumpkin’d out?
4:30 Why You’ll Love This Dish
4:50 Benefits of using a large pan

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  1. When you hit round two in that pan I was like… Whats he going to deglaze that with? Hope he doesn't leave that flavor behind. Then I saw that coconut milk in the lower left of the video. As soon as you dumped it in and started scrapping… Like Pavlov's Dog, my tastebuds lit up. I've never been so jealous of coconut milk in my life. I saw it change color and I could taste all that goodness through the screen! Tell Mom this is another dish she could use one of those mailbox zucchinis in :). PEEAAAAAAACCCCE! You know what… WAIT! Can we talk nutrition for a bit. Yes, this dish may be higher in fat from the coconut but this dish is also LOADED with iron, calcium, vitamin C, B vitamins, magnesium, and those chickpeas have 39 grams of protein per cup. We haven't even touched on the value of the turmeric and ginger! Microbiome… The American Gut Study suggests eating more than 30 different types of plant foods a week for a healthy / diverse microbiome. All ingredients in (including spices) this dish contained 15! Thanks for coming to my TedTalk bahahahahaa :). Keep up the great work! PEEAAAACCCCCCE!

  2. I was vegan for years, started eating animal protein again when I got very weak and mentally unbalanced. Then I slipped into a McDonalds lifestyle, now have major health problems. Think it's time to make most of my diet vegan again, with just occasional meats

    This looks excellent. Gonna cook something up now.