Think Again Before Drinking Non Dairy Milk


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Directed by Gaz Oakley
Filmed & Edited By Tom Kong
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  1. I don’t watch many vegans but this one I do, you get straight to point and don’t go around being one of those judgy vegan ranting and raving. Good recipes and happy vibes. Happy healthy vegans another. Make macadamia milk, I wonder about a blend of maccas and cashew would be outrageous.

  2. I know I’m not vegan but I’m looking at making nut milk with my beautiful blender which I don’t use enough. I look for nut milks without oil which is few and far between. I want to try cashew and macadamia nuts……lol hemp I got hemp protein and seeds recently. Hemp seeds taste amazing. Is there any vitamins to try to add that’s not green grass haha…..I recently got an awesome cheese cloth recently. Tried rice milk it’s watery. Soy tends to have a weird after taste and so much garbage in it, I love cashews and macadamias so need to try them. Not enough cold fridge nut milks in Australia.

  3. I do think there is some health benefits to these store bought milks because a lot of them are fortified with vitamins that are easy to miss. They’re also more practical, for me when working a 9-5 job the last thing I want to be doing after a days work is blending up oats, straining it then having to clean up all the the kitchen equipment that goes along with it. Lovely video though I love your humour and relaxed energy and do think the world has become much too chemical additive reliant.

  4. Yes, I love this video! You inspire people to do plantmilks by themselves, that has a huge positive impact to our beloved planet 🌎❤️ You are so talented and sweet funny person! Loved the end, I have not yet been able to make plantmilk that frothens, but my absolut favorite is cashewmilk. I soak the nuts and blend for 2 minutes, then I dont need to use any nutbag and there is 0 waste.