These Vegan Recipes Should Be Illegal


Kay’s Cooking, That Vegan Teachers personal choice for vegan cooking. Today, we watch as Kay attempts two different vegan meals, both with equally, uh, interesting outcomes. Buckle up.

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  1. Some replies towards your questions etc.:
    – the egg substitute isn‘t really für making scrambled eggs or something but rather for baking where its purpose is to have the same effect, not the same appearance
    – you ask about „drawing the line“; personally, I don‘t see a need for a line when it comes to the environmental impact of a product, it is a question of alternatives and how easy they are. Using another oil is easy, using other medicine or technology sonetimes isn‘t. This kind of choice isn’t part of being vegan or vegetarian, but just something that goes along with it
    – you say there is no reason to war the imposante burger because it isn’t healthyer; I guess you didn‘t mean it like that and you are aware there is: because it is made without meat, reason enough! Apart from that I think most Vs wouldn‘t go there on their on their on behalf so it is rather an alternative when you go as a group or to give someone like you something to try out
    – about substitutes in general: I see them as a „beginners drug“ or something to be made along the meat version when you are cooking for a family or such. Some products really are good on their own, but mostly they are a replacement, not integral part of a diet

  2. 8:00 Was that vanilla-almond milk….?
    Also, as someone who used to be vegan for years, you can't treat my precious aquafaba like that. If you're trying to use it as a thickener for sauces, don't let it evaporade. D: I wouldn't have used it at all in this recipe, tbh; just use cornstarch, chickpea water does nothing for this dish…

  3. "How would mashed potatoes not make this vegan anymore." Usually mashed potatoes have butter and milk in them, though there is definitely vegan alternatives. I'm severely lactose intolerant and There's actually a really good tofu sour cream that's great in mashed potatoes.