These Recipes Will Make You Fall in LOVE with Tempeh!


Tempeh Tacos recipe:
BBQ Tempeh recipe:
Indonesian Tempeh Kecap recipe:

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  1. I do prefer to stay as clean, and frugal, as possible so I generally make crema, avocado or plain, using soaked cashews. Just another glitch from me: I'm super peanut allergic and the crumbled tempeh looks like peanuts. I kept reminding myself: it's really tempeh, it's really tempeh. And of course recipe 3 won't work for me. I love the pickled topping idea. Question (as a single person) could one make the tempeh crumble through the spicing step and freeze some for later reheating?

    Another question: are all your testers vegan? I love the tester panel concept!!

  2. Hi there, I grew up indonesia, bali specifically, and there is a really delicous dish called tempe manis! manis means sweet, so sweet tempe. its sticky, fried deliciousness, try making that sometime. Its similiar to the tempe kecap just minus the peanuts. Also, despite growing up in Indonesia I never heard of tempe kecap haha

  3. From what I have seen in Indonesia, the tempeh is almost always marinated before cooking. So for the tacos, may I suggest crumble the tempeh into a bowl, mix with your soy and lime juice. Possibly add a bit of cumin or coriander powder. A little grated carrot in the mix helps to counteract the bitterness. Let it marinade while you prepare the pickles and other ingredients. Drain any excess liquid from the tempeh while the pan heats up. Carry on as you did. The soy sauce or tamari will help with carmelization, adding color and a greater depth of flavor. I love your channel. You are fun and completely adorable.

  4. I'm still trying to like tempeh! Today for the first time I found one I liked in Dr. B's Fiber fueled. It is literally the first I actually ate and didn't throw out right after making it! I will definitely try the last one–the asian one and probably the taco one sometime. Tempeh requires so many spices to taste good that I tend to avoid it since I'm not supposed to eat chili's/powder which are so necessary for edible tempeh!!

  5. Love this video and all your videos as a matter of fact. Before I even watch I know what I’m going to get—a succinct explanation of what the ingredient/s are, an entertaining helpful guide to using the ingredient and guaranteed flavor and new techniques and/or ingredients. This has been so helpful on my journey. ✨💫✨
    I do wish you would look into learning proper and safe knife skills though. Maybe a guest chef? Or research and practice on your own. I don’t know how you still have your finger tips. I hope you take this in the spirit in which it is meant. ❤

  6. I was going to use my package of tempeh to make some Reubens but now I HAVE to try these recipes. I am especially interested in the Kecap one. Thanks for the disclaimer about not having to steam the tempeh first. I never did that and now I'm glad I didn't really have to!

  7. I live in London and have to say frozen tempeh in Asian supermarkets is pretty different from tempeh in our western supermarkets. The ones in Asian supermarkets have more (completely safe for consumption) funghi that makes them more bitter and western brands have adapted to a western palette and made them milder. I buy both because you get used to the taste and it's much better value for money in the Asian supermarkets.

  8. Bitter??? I've eaten tempeh my whole life and I've never tasted bitterness in Indonesian tempeh dishes. Probably because we seasoned the hell out of it. Guys, for real. Don't be afraid of salt, sugar, herbs and spices. Especially on generally bland ingredients like tempeh and tofu. They're basically a perfect sponge for any flavor you put in. The simplest thing to cook a tempeh is just marinade it in a salty brine with herbs and spices of your choice and then pan-fried till perfectly crispy. It is HEAVEN!!!

    p.s. Your Tempeh Kecap recipe is actually pretty legit. Good interpretation.