These KETO MORNING GLORY MUFFINS are packed with deliciousness!


What’s the secret to sticking with your healthy keto diet? Well these jam-packed Keto Morning Glory Muffins sure help.

🖨️ Printable Keto Morning Glory Muffins Recipe:

The Ultimate Guide to Keto Baking:
Keto Dried Cranberries Recipe:

Good fine almond flour:
Coconut flour:
Grass-fed Whey:
Swerve Brown:
USA Muffin Pan:
Silicone Muffin Cups:
Large Cookie Scoop:

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0:00 Intro
0:46 Whisk the dry ingredients
2:03 Add the dry ingredients
3:27 Use the right muffin liners!
3:51 Bake the muffins
4:36 Taste test

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  1. I get your emails but had no clue you were on YouTube! I really like the hearty sound of these muffins. Please tell us how you make your cranberries! I have a couple bags in the freezer but do not have a dehydrator. You made me hungry but I'll have to wait till day time, as its just a little before 1am & I need to get the garbage out & go to bed. So thankful to find your videos! This kind of recipe is how we stay low carb. Many Blessings from Deborah in West Virginia!

  2. What! Carolyn! Oh no. I have been lied to? 😧 Muffins are the secret to keto? Well guess what i will be doing.
    I will be stuffing my cheesecake hole with muffins! 😃Oh yeah! Let's Git'r done! 😠💪
    …………………………….. 😎👍👍

  3. Morning Glory muffins have always been one of the favorites. So, when I saw your recipe, I was blown away!
    My sister makes me unsweetened dried cranberries (love that girl) and I have everything else except the zucchini.
    Just made your chocolate chip cookies and your salted caramel bars this morning. I bake for friends that are unable to bake for themselves due to chronic migraines. I didn't want you to think I was eating all of that on my own…even though I could.

  4. 1st I am new to your channel and LOVE it. The Whey protein can I replace it with Bob’s Mill??? Please please let me know. The Whey protein in Canada is expensive on Amazon but the Bob’s mill is super affordable. I hope you read this as I have ever bought protein. Thanks. Making these muffins. ❤👏🏼🇨🇦👍♥️