These Keto Hash Browns are Made of Something Unexpected!


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In this video, Sarah and I try two promising recipes to replace potatoes on keto.

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  1. The cookware is beautiful. We have pampered chef products. I enjoy watching your channel and appreciate your collective effort on your content. Im not big on tater tots or hash browns but I do miss mashed potatoes….thanks for trying the recipes for us. I feel like it would save me time and effort doing it myself based on your reviews. God bless.

  2. To get rid of cauliflower taste put the cooked cauliflower into a pan and slowly heat it up stirring as you go until all the water has evaporated and you see no steam.. It takes a while but so worth it! There isn't any cauliflower taste at all! I do this when I make faux potato salad.

  3. You made me laugh out loud!! You are also SO correct!
    The things we sub will Never taste like the stuff that made us fat… never satisfy addictions BUT we are now addicted to new things that make us feel Great AND taste Anazing!!
    Thats what I say to everyone too; "well after You haven't eaten bread in X yrs… or real this or that for X yrs… This tastes GREAT!! Creamy or crunchy or hearty OH MY!! YES!!
    Great Work Grrrls!!

  4. So a million years ago back in the 80s my mom was a Weight Watcher and they had a saying (hope I'm not stepping on any copyright toes here) Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.
    I'm down 4 sizes and gimme a radish or a cauliflower tot any day. I don't miss potatoes THAT bad. And Em, you forming those tots was priceless 😘

  5. I make the cabbage and onions with butter and spices (no egg or cheese) as a hash all the time. Your guesses are right in line with my experience. The hash doesn't need to be formed as it can be loose so it really needs no binder. It allows the cabbage and onions to get caramelized and release a lot of moisture. I eat it with over easy eggs so that the yolks end up being the sauce. Of course it is not starchy/fluffy but it is flavorful. Yup, you do need to cut it finer for it to work best. As for the tater tot mixture, I've used nearly the same to make flat little patties that can fry quickly, well and crispy (easy) as well as make nests in ramekins for baked eggs (cute but way too much work for the same flavor profile). So you too discovered thin and crispy works out for that kind of mixture, just frying in a pan will get you similarly crisp on both sides. It was validating to see you go through my earlier pain of experimentation. Good luck on future refinements and other endeavors!

  6. the cabbage hash idea is very similar to what they do in Korea where they take thinly shredded cabbage and onions and mix them in a big pitcher of scrambled eggs to make a cabbage pancake which they top with ketchup and sugar (you could use granulated keto "sugar" and then serve it on buttered toast in a sandwich. – so you could use keto bread, toast and butter it..

    I've done that and it's awesome! in Korea sometimes they top the cabbage pancake with fried ham or even (Spam) or bacon and cheese and use that in the sandwich.

    It's Korean street fast food.. tons of videos on YouTube for it and I did find some keto versions of it

  7. I am so happy to see different brands supporting you and your recipe endeavors. You go on ahead and keep manifesting what it is you want.

    I 100% miss potatoes in all varieties. I think radishes are my favorite substitute for a few different kinds.

    Oh those all sound like great options. I love watching y'all brainstorm. I have done a broccoli "rice" and cheese for a chaffle and it was delicious.

    I couldn't see why they felt cabbage was a replacement for hash. I am sure it tastes great, but a bit of a stretch.

    Have a great weekend.