These CRUNCHY Keto Snacks Take Zero Effort!


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Eggplant snack –
Spinach & artichoke cups –
Cheesy pickle-

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  1. I love your honest reviews! That’s what is so special about your channel 😉 I don’t want to waste expensive ingredients when it isn’t going to turn out. Been through so many recipes that just weren’t worth it. Knowing what you like, and don’t like helps me figure out what I can spend my time and effort making! Thank you ❤

  2. All your fault Emily…PEMF Mat on its way to join our Sauna Blankets…it is a Higher Dose Year. Artichoke cups calling my name. Thanks again ladies for all the research, hot tips, testing and your opinions. I have discovered so many treasures thanks to y’all. Have a phenomenal weekend ladies.

  3. Crispy cheese and pickles! It's the bourbon and ginger of keto snacks – sort of… Why are keto snacks so much work or so many $$$!?!?! I miss my chips and salsa! Who am I kidding!?!?! I miss my chips!!!! Thank the Keto G0ds for Simple Mills almond flour crackers. Crunchy. Salty. Not too many dollars at Costco! I make the dip. I dip the crackers. End of keto-snack story! Love you guys and what you do! Doing what I can to support you!

  4. I love a good laugh in the morning……..and you girls do that for me, every time you post a video, so Thankyou ❤️💘
    Going to give all three of the snacks a go, may have to make my own Lo-carb tortillas for the spinach and artichoke one though as I haven’t found any in the supermarkets here in Melbourne …….. there are some that say low carb on the pack but when you check the ingredients and carb count on the back…….forget it 😢.
    Thanks again for a great video. 😂❤

  5. I like eggplant but I am alone so I would try zucchini treating it the same way as the eggplant. The pieces would be smaller and I could throw some in a salad if there were any left. Thanks for the great ideas and recipes! You need a book of recipes and ideas! Best wishes from 🇨🇦

  6. Hi girls! On the wraps, use your gas stove top as a grill. Just lay tort on burner and flip back and forth to get a lot of moisture out before you put in pans. But KEEP an eye on it 😬 About 3 seconds a side 4 or 5 times.
    Love the eggplant💡. Have a Blessed evening!🌻

  7. One of my favorite snacks is the pickles with cheese, but I use the ham burger slice type pickles, dry them off and put cheese (any kind!) down on my dash waffle maker then the pickle slice, more cheese on top. Close it up and cook until the steaming stops and the cheese is crunchy, so good! I can’t wait to try that eggplant tho! Thank you!

  8. Hi! They all look good. Zucchini might be good to use as well, as the eggplant. I love artichoke hearts. The last one reminds me of a partial burger taste. I wonder if one could sprinkle cooked ground beef crumbles alongside the pickle. I love the elevator music!