These Carnivore Tortilla Recipes Were Surprisingly AWESOME!


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Carnivore Tortilla Recipes:
Pork rind Tortilla –
Chicken Tortilla-

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  1. I would love for y’all to try my tortillas😊 All of them are less than 1 net carb. I also did a zero true carb one for the BBBE Challenge I recently did. I promise all three tortillas will become both of y’all’s favs especially if you get an electric tortilla press!!! You can cook 10 of my tortillas in six minutes with an electric tortilla press 😂🤣

  2. Perhaps the chicken one would be good as a pizza crust replacement (personal sized). I was always a fan of a regular pizza with garlic butter sauce in place of marinara sauce.. then for the toppings I would have Italian sausage, grilled chicken and roasted red peppers, with plenty of cheese. I think this would be great! Thank you girls!

  3. Can't wait to make these. I just started the carnivore way of eating this week. I have homemade pork panko in the fridge and a small can of chicken. I just made an Instant Pot of chicken bone broth today, so I'll use the broth instead of water for my tortillas. Thanks for the recipes.

  4. When you said maybe a chip, it reminded me that I saw a YouTuber make chips out of pulverized chicken thighs and spices. I don't remember all the details, but her channel is called "stay fitness" and I think the title was 1 ingredient chicken chips. I meant to eventually try this, but I didn't. I would love to see the Keto Twins test kitchen try these in your quest for the perfect chip, maybe using those flavors you bought for the cottage cheese chips. Btw , I tried those and could not believe they actually work! So good. I doubt the chicken chips will top them but I'd still love to see what you two think! I'll probably try this chicken tortilla! Thank you so much 💗

  5. Always look forward to your video releases and enjoy watching those from the past- I always laugh and have a good time!! I go to them for a pick-me-up when I need one!! Y’all have great chemistry and I love it when your hubby walks by or you show your doggies!!

  6. Hi ladies!
    I love how you find the recipes and bring them to us. Here are two things I’ve discovered recently.

    1)Nuco Organic Coconut Wraps (original flavor, they also have Turmeric and Cinnamon flavors).
    We found them on the mark down shelves for 50% off. But I don’t remember what I paid for them. Amazon has them a pack of 10 for $14.19 or $1.42 each. Ratings are 3.7 stars with over 7000 reviews.

    They are square, 8 inches a side. They remind me of fruit roll-ups or fruit leather, very bendy with no breaking. They only taste a little like coconut and I don’t like coconut. I took a roll up added two slices of provolone and popped it into the microwave for 20 seconds. (YMMV) Then I put a huge handful of salad greens in the middle and added a little dressing. Wrapping it up is odd. It’s best to lay the food from corner to corner. Then fold up one corner near the food. Then fold over the two side corners to wrap. That should keep it from dripping.
    Other info: Total calories: 70; Total fat 5g; Total Carbs 6g with 2g dietary fiber, 3g Total sugars and no added sugars and Protein 1g
    I like them, but they are pricey.

    2) I recently discovered that non-stick pans can be problematic because the fat gathers together and rolls to the side. Then none of the fat gets on the food in the pan. What works well is cooking spray. The goblets of oil are much smaller and stay where you spray them!

    I hope these are useful.

    Take care,