These 15 Minute Dinners Will Change Your Life


00:00 – Intro
00:53 – Pasta
05:30 – Quesadilla
09:06 – Noodle Sitr Fry
12:39 – Wings & Salad

Part Two –

The complete breakdown and recipes for this video

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  1. Wow, lots of comments… I agree with one person: mostly false beliefs about salt. While it is true that salt does increase the temperate to cause water to boil (making the water “hotter” than without salt), the temperature increase is so small and insignificant it is not worth writing home about this: only a couple degrees. Mostly, salts adds flavor, that we can taste. Depending on what I am making, bullion (which is, basically, salt with flavor; for me, chicken or tomato bullions works best in wet preparations and garlic and / or onion salts is great in dressings. Because I am allergic to wheat, I cook with non-wheat paste. Rice vermicelli, which is readily and easily available, is what I commonly use, in addition to various versions pasta is made, largely, from brown rice. I always put little oil in the boiling water; this coats the noodles (usually when straining the noodles from the water) and is a barrier to keep the carbohydrates on the noodles from sticking to each other. As (I hope) everyone knows, oil is less dense than water and is a layer on top of the water, thus removing the pasta as shown in the video, coats pasta well. Additionally, oil, such as coconut oil, can also add some flavor to the pasta. With, the pasta dish a little cream (or butter) would significantly enhance the flavor. And NO, this small amount of cream does NOT make people fat: sugar does.

    One suggestion I have is to use walnut oil to your dressing. Now THAT is something worth noticing.

  2. Your channel is awesome, love the editing, host and content. Broke up with my significant other and your videos have literally fed me.. lol.. she would be jealous if she saw what I can make now… do you have anything on risotto? I can never make that right…

  3. I made the quesadilla for my wife tonight after a really long day and she loved it. And it was done in under 20 minutes. Before this video I would have said let’s just get takeout, but knowing I’d have an awesome home cooked meal with a recipe already in mind… total game changer. Thank you, Mike!

  4. I used to watch you and your brother in the early days. It was one of the first channels I ever watched and I laughed and laughed. You guys inspired me to start my own YouTube channel! Mine's about Jesus, travel, camping, hiking, dogs, gardening and yes, some cooking. Haha Your new channel just came up on my feed. Thanks!