The Worst Soup Recipe I Have Ever Seen


Kay’s Cooking, the only woman who can make beef soup with just two ingredients. Today, we watch as Kay makes her famous alphabet soup. Prepare for the worst. Buckle up. previous video: subscribe: join my discord!: follow me on instagram!: follow me on twitter!: support the channel!: .





  1. I've watched enough of August now to be certain that he just plays stupid… It's why I'll watch a video here and there to see some of my favorite internet chefs but won't subscribe.

    1) "Cutting out the shapes" – Joke. Her delivery is just dry.
    2) "That's A, that's B" – Joke because using farfalle instead of alphabet shapes.
    3) "Gravy granules". I've never seen the product, but I'm sure most countries carry some form of instant "sauces" in powdered/granulated form.
    4) "OXO" – Brand of bouillon cube. Like calling facial tissue "Kleenex"

  2. British dude here

    Gravy Granules – Instant Gravy, it's dehydrated gravy, you add water and stir, you get gravy.

    The second one is Oxo – Oxo is a brand of Instant stock. So if you want something to add more flavour you add an Oxo cube (there's different ones, I assume she used the beef one)

    Both contain immeasurable amounts of salt