The WORST Foods To Eat If You're DIABETIC…and What To Eat Instead


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Keep in mind that everyones body is different, but I wore a continuous glucose monitor(CGM) for over 30 days and tracked what I ate with the Levels app. Here is what happened with my blood sugar after i ate meals that were low carb, high carb, and complex carb.





  1. I have got to learn that there is no success without failure because I have failed so many times trying to cure myself spending my money on medical drugs and pills…I even thought of giving up until I found success💯 and victory with DR MADIDA’s herbal medicine that completely cured me of my Human papilloma virus and Herpes virus🦠🦠🦠.

  2. I'm a type 2 diabetic, I ran across you on u tube wish I would of found you sooner, what type sweetener do you recommend I don't drink any pop, only ice tea with I sweeter daily….I need to know what to use I also eat steel oats with flax seeds in pack plus I add chica seeds and blueberries and fair life milk….I NEED HELP

  3. My heart will remain grateful Dr Igudia till forever,for the medical attention you showed me when I was battling with my Type 2 Diabetes you showed care in every way,and with the help of your herbal medication I was deeply shocked to see it work
    My heartiest gratitude to Dr Igudia.

  4. My son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 11 and is now 15. He's a super picky eater and I know that a better diet would make the management of the disease so much easier. I'll be checking all your videos for ideas and praying for miracles! Care is exhausting and not the greatest of diets doesn't help. Almost all of the carb-friendlier 'stuff' he eats contains Palm Oil or some other bad ingredient(s)!

  5. Unless you have money you don't eat like this. Most diabetics are already considered obese, you are not. It's always the additions like the sugar added to food that makes it bad and those breads and muffins definitely need something to give them flavor the average person finds tasty.

  6. Thank you doctor for the professionalism with which you do your work. You listen to your client and you always put their needs first , to ensure they live another day healthily and vibrant. Cheers to you my doctor , I celebrate the way you do your job . If it was up to me i would give you the award of Being the best doctor. Thank you doctor for all you Dr Igho for curing my Diabetes naturally

  7. Orange juice is the worst on that list. Not only does it cause a sugar spike, but it also is high in histamine which if you have type 2 diabetes will also raise your sugar, which means the oj on it's own, doubles the glucose response.

  8. I find the catchy title and using the words "diabetic safe" highly misleading and possibly dangerous. As a diabetic (type 1) I highly agree that it is useful to know how much and how quickly your blood sugar will spike after a meal and we DO learn that from our team of doctors and dietians, if they are good at their jobs. It is absolutely necessary, but by far not the only factor in treating diabetes. Especially as a type 1, if my diabetes management is well, I can balance out even the high blood sugar spikes with insulin (just like your body does by the way…). But even if I only eat keto and your "diabetic safe bread" I'll still need my insulin (less of it, I grant you that) or I'll die. Keeping your intake of carbohydrates low, can be a Factor of managing diabetes, but it is way more complex than leaving out "Bad foods".

    You say, that the results you're seeing are specific to your own body. So why not leave out the tips for the diabetics and stick to the subject of blood sugar levels?

  9. Thankyou for giving us an idea in what to eat to avoid a blood sugar spike. I have insulin resistence.. eating the wrong foods could ruin my day..if there is sugar or carbs it would knock me out and i will feel fatigued and thirsty for HOURS. The Metformin gives me terrible side effects so i feel stuck and have to choose between either fatigue or nausea.. so i just avoid most foods all together. Wish i had that little glucose monitor for insulin and blood sugar instead of pricking my finger.