The Ultimate Pudding/Cereal for Diabetics!


In this brief video I will show you just one example of how you can make an incredible breakfast pudding/cereal that should hardly raise blood sugar. It is mostly nuts and seeds, especially chia seeds, and even has a few blueberries. It tastes awesome, the the blood sugar numbers I get in my post-meal test are wonderful. My blood sugar hardly budges with this amazing, tasty, filling breakfast. Here is a great tool/food that will help you beat diabetes!

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  1. I made this but kind of over did it. My husband said there was too much going on lol. I didn't have heavy cream so i used coconut milk cream chia seeds hemp seeds stevia pumpkin seeds and topped it off with some raw cashews. Thankful for your channel and how you share about your fasting and prayer time!

  2. "2:20" Oh hey! I have been researching "health tips for diabetes" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Deyophia Vanackenzie Remedy?
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  3. God bless you, i been watching your videos and I been able to learn what foods I can eat. After struggling with so much anxiety, I first prayed God for wisdom and to guide me to what to do to prevent my A1c levels to go up, since I was told tha I am prediabetic and almost at the top line. Having a diabetic mother who died with complications, (heart failure, renal disease)
    I feel blessed thank to all the people who post their stories and their positive advices. Thank you very much.

  4. I love using a nut milk, such as cashew milk combined with heavy whipping cream, it makes great keto egg nog when using it with an eggnog syrup.
    Maybe that kind of combo would be good with chia seed pudding. I am making chia seed pudding today but with chocolate sugar free syrup.


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