The ULTIMATE Healthy Carrot Cake Recipe (No Refined Sugar! Gluten Free!)


This is a seriously amazing carrot cake, and you would never know that it’s gluten free and made with no refined sugar!! It’s a healthy carrot cake that’s a cinch to make, with a classic flavor and ultra moist texture. A two-ingredient maple cream cheese frosting takes it over the top.

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Equipment, tools and ingredients I use in this recipe:
Food processor:
Almond flour:
Unsweetened dried coconut:
Hand beaters:
8×8-inch pan:
Mini off-set spatula:

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  1. But unrefined sugars will still turn into glucose before it ever hits your stomach. That's what saliva does.
    And the bloodstream can only safely carry 1 tsp of glucose… any more than that, and there's glycation happening to your cells… which is very harmful. You don't have to be diabetic for blood glucose spikes to be happening. you don't even have to be insulin resistant. If you feel a slump several hours after a meal, that's evidence you had a glucose spike… and your pancreas did exactly what it was supposed to do: send out enough insulin to bring it back down. But the spike still happened… which means the fructose in the "unrefined sugar" was turned into triglycerides… and into the most harmful form of cholesterol. The kind that forms plaques in arteries.

    The most health-food-minded person I ever knew died of cancer. Why? Because she didn't know what all those unrefined carbs were doing to her.

    Cancer cells require glucose to survive. Unlike normal cells, they cannot switch fuels. Normal cells do not need glucose. They can live on ketones… and actually perform better on them!

    Ketosis is the metabolic condition of fat-burning… which also produces ketone bodies, which also get burned. The heart and brain prefer ketone bodies over glucose, for fuel.

    Our ancient ancestors did not eat grains, and only rarely ate fruit… which were nothing like the big juicy fruits we buy today. We are biologically most suited to eat a very low-carbohydrate, high-fat, average-protein diet.
    It has normalized my diabetic blood sugar and brought my entire lipid profile into normal range.

  2. I love how all these people think that maple syrup is any different than cane juice. I use it occasionally because if I'm going to have sugar I want it to be tasty but it is sugar and it f's up my inflammation just as bad cane sugar. Honey is also sugar but has some health benefits so you have to weigh them against each other. Also a white piece of bread turns into sugar in our bodies. Fruits are a better source of sugar, and yes they are also sugar, because of all the nutrients and the fiber. So the metabolize a bit differently and at least they provide a bunch of beneficial stuff. So if you are trying to go low sugar then you weigh these out.

  3. Refined or unrefined or natural…. it doesn't matter what it is. Sugar is sugar.

    The only difference is that unrefined/natural sugars some micronutrients. Very little micronutrients. And when I say very little, it's very VERY little compare to refined sugars.

    So, it does not matter where you get your sugar from. Wether it is granulated white sugar or raw brown cane sugar or carrot juice sugar….. it will all perform the same blood sugar spikes!


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