The ULTIMATE Diabetic Comfort Foods That Won't Spike Your Blood Sugar


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You can eat all the foods you love even if you are on a diabetic diet. Let’s go through the grocery store to show what pizza, ice cream, chocolate, bread, and more is perfect for people with diabetes.

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  1. If you care about serving the best to your followers, you should start visiting Sam's Club. They also have some great products for healthy eating. and BJs Club as well. I am surprised how you can ignore them and not record any videos. If I were you I would even travel to DC if I have to, just to record videos with best products available at BJs. How can you ignore so many members of BJs and Sams Club?

  2. Simply it is not possible to eat “normal” food as in the past … All those packaged food… like konjac flour in pasta which my digestive system was never in contact with… i don’t understand what you are doing looking at bottles of latte coffee ….no simple Organic fair trade Coffee beans that you should grind and prepare at home. Do you really need that coconut cereal with palm starch?

  3. Thanks for all thi info Bobby! Much appreciated. What I don't like about thrive market is that they don't let you look at the products they have before deciding in joining them, to me that's fishy….. I really like to see the stuff before I decide.
    Erythritol in monk fruit upsets my stomach. They should not put that crap in. I cannot have any in my coffee at all or anything that's not backed.

  4. Ezekiel bread still spikes blood sugar. All grains do. Just because someone touts low carb, most healthy doesn't make it so. Steel cut oats,also spikes blood sugar! Test yourself an hour, then two hours after you eat your healthy meal,also,you obviously need to check before you eat anything. If you are pre diabetic, or insulin resistant, diabetic, check,and check some more! That's the only way to know what and how foods affect your body.


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