THE ultimate creamy garlic potato and leek soup recipe


Learn how to make this quick, easy and delicious creamy garlic buttery potato and leek soup. Along with this soup recipe is a bacon, apple and crispy sage crust to be used as a topping for the soup and both of these together create the perfect combination and flavor friendship. Support The Channel & Get Early Access To Every New Video + More New Features To Come Very Soon! Patreon – My Website – Recipe & Method – Coming Soon! If you can, please leave some comments over the website to help me out. Thank you! Follow Me On Socials – Instagram – (Lots of behind-the-scenes!) Facebook – TikTok – All The Equipment & Tools Used – My Merchandise (Aprons) – Serves – 4 Ingredients – Potato & Leek Soup – 3 Tbsp (42g) – Clarified Butter or Regular Unsalted Butter 4 – Large Leeks, Roughly Chopped 3 – Garlic Cloves, Roughly Chopped 4 – Small Potatoes, Cubed 1 Liter (4 Cups) – Vegetable or Chicken Stock 180ml (3/4 Cup) – Thickened or Whipping Cream Seasoning To Taste Bacon, Apple & Crispy Sage – 1 Tbsp (14g) – Clarified Butter or Regular Unsalted Butter 120g (4.2oz) – Streaky Bacon, Large Diced 1 – Apple, Peeled & Small Diced (I Used Royal Gala) 12g (0.4oz) ) – Fresh Sage, Roughly Chopped or Left Whole Seasoning To Taste Toasted Bread To Serve Recipe Notes – If you can’t consume dairy or want to make this vegan friendly, substitute the butter for olive oil and the thickened cream for soy milk or oat milk. Candied Apple Skins – 1 – Apple, Skins Only 2 Parts Sugar 1 Parts Water #creamygarlic #leek and potato soup #potato leek soup recipe .





  1. Thank you ever so much for this soup recipe… with members of my family catching a cold I've been making soup… I even made one that I don't know if such a kind of soup even existed (potatoes, onions, 1 cup of rice, 1 cup of lentil, 1 cup of mung bean – of course the rice, lentil, and mung bean washed and soaked for a while) I sauteed and then seasoned stuff in a certain order and left to boil in chicken stock… I still look for more soup to make especially since we have picky eaters so I try to use the ingredients they like….. I don't why I waved bye to the pot at the same time as you did in the video 😂. Thank you again Chef!