the SHOCKING SECRET to great veggie soup (!!!)


Soup companies hate him! He’s discovered ONE WEIRD TRICK to delicious vegetable soup. Thanks to Squarespace for sponsoring this video! Go to for a free trial, and when you’re ready to launch, go to and add code “RAGUSEA” at checkout to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain.





  1. Some of these videos are so timely it's ridiculous! I've been cooking 35 years, and I have a burning passion for it. Family of five, and I cook 90%+ of the meals. I went from not knowing anything, to thinking I had to prove I knew everything, and now I cook much, much more basically and simply, using fewer seasonings and allowing the ingredients to speak for themselves. I almost never use stocks anymore, unless it's a simple part of the process for the meal or one I'll cook shortly after, such as chicken soup, stew, or even chicken salad. Otherwise, it's water. I will use good boullion on a limited basis (not sure what to make of some of the health concerns). Simple REALLY IS almost always better.

  2. I use to work at a vegan/vegetarian restraunt and made vegetable soup twice a week both at home and at work. He is right about this, just throw veggies into a pot at home, and throw veggies into a pot at different times at work. Cutting thing differently and boiling it at different times changes the taste and textures of the soup. Easy enough to change, each time you make it.

  3. There is one good reason to remove the skin and seeds from tomatoes and peppers though: they may contain enough nightshade poison to affect some people (stomach ache, itchy skin).
    However I don't know if that's only for salads, might be boiling will neutralize the poison so it doesn't matter.

  4. i was tempted to watch this idiotic video in a moment of weakness , falling for the "shocking secret" title….. theres 4 minutes of my life i will NEVER get back (yes, 4…i fast forwarded a couple of times….) oh well… one more channel in the NEVER RECOMMEND ME EVER youtube list…

  5. I actually do have a rather complicated vegetable soup recipe, but since it mostly involves using the byproducts of cooking other foods it doesn't feel complicated. Like, after making food I take the veggie scraps and put them in a bag on my freezer so make an extra flavorful broth. Then, when I fry mushrooms and onions I deglaze with pan and use that to add unami flavor to my soup stock. Since it's all byproducts of other meals it doesn't actually take that long. No way I would do it all from scratch if I didn't always have prep work in my freezer. I just replace it as I cook so I rarely have a big cook day.