The Perfect Vegan Thanksgiving Menu 2021 | Tips & Tricks for Vegan Holidays


Today we are sharing our Vegan Thanksgiving Menu with you!

We have a main, 3 sides + a bread option and dessert! You are going to love this, but we have even more recipes for you to explore too!

We walk you through some key steps in making each dish and also why you should make it yourself!

★★★Link for all the recipes:

★★★ Our Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes Youtube Playlist:

Important Times:
00:00 Vegan Thanksgiving Menu 2021
02:47 Don’t Overcomplicate Vegan Holiday Menus
06:50 Ask Your Host To Make Small Changes
08:43 Don’t Worry About Appetizers
09:25 Vegan Thanksgiving Appetizer Ideas
10:29 Vegan Thanksgiving Main Dish Hack
12:30 Think Outside The Box For Vegan Thanksgiving Main Dish
13:43 Vegan Thanksgiving Main Dish Ideas
14:50 Vegan Honey Garlic Tofu Recipe
15:38 Vegan Side Dish Ideas
16:55 Vegan Glazed Carrots Recipe
17:26 Easy Vegan Bread Ideas
18:45 Make Vegan Dessert Ahead of Time
19:26 Vegan Thanksgiving Pie Ideas
19:52 Vegan Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas
21:20 Splurge on a Vegan Restaurant
22:22 Know That Vegan Holidays Get Easier
23:22 Prep Everything Ahead

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  1. Andrew, you finally got the formula for a successful marriage, and YouTube collaboration too! Your line is always : "yeah, what she said", LOL. Just kidding, but kinda not totally.

    Love y'all! Just one suggestion, to avoid confusion amongst the vegan community. Either call the tofu "Agave garlic oven fried tofu" or "Honey" garlic oven fried tofu. I'm gonna try the maple syrup variation, since I love the flavor that maple syrup imparts. Thanks for taking the time and thought needed to share this with us all.

  2. Two words. Soy curls. Reconstitute with vegie broth of choice and omg. Practiced this last week in preparation. All your advice solid. Veteran of 25 years of Thanksgiving hosting and vegan (always trying to be more whole foods, SOS free) of almost 10 years here. Can tell by your tender, respectful way of treating each other that you are genuine and good people. A joy to watch and very helpful.

  3. I'm making authentic mexican tacos, spaghetti with Zuchinni, potato wedges and I'm preparing some stuffing I got from thrive market with pico de gallo and I'm using a mushroom gravy i also found at thrive market. I'm actually mexican so I decided to add some mexican twist this year.

  4. great suggestions for offering to buy for or make sides.I'll be spending the day alone and making three sister soup and either Mohawk cornbread or fry bread, still undecided (maybe both lol) as I don't really do traditional TG, being Native . Love your the content. keep it up !!