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No matter what pasta shape you use, or which ingredients you add, as far as I’m concerned there’s only one proper technique for building what we’re modestly calling the “Perfect Picnic Pasta Salad.” Enjoy!

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  1. I don’t like mustard. But I know that I’ve had some good salad dressings I have a little bit of Dijon in them and they’re pretty good. When chef John says it doesn’t taste like mustard, well it tastes very much like mustard it’s a lot of mustard. Other than that good recipe and I enjoy all of your other recipes are pretty dang good. If I made this again I would use maybe a third of the mustard.

  2. I've not been salting pasta water so I can give it to my plants. I live in drought-ridden California. I just adjust the salt in sauce or dressing to compensate. This looks wonderful and I really like the technique of adding some dressing to the hot pasta first so it develops flavor. Thank you Chef!