The Perfect Allotment Soup | Easy Soup Recipe | Creamy Potato and Courgette


The perfect allotment soup. Easy soup recipe. Creamy Courgette and Potato soup recipe. This very simple recipe to make use of all those courgettes and potatoes we are getting at the moment in our allotments and gardens. Growing vegetables from seed can produce a huge gluten over the summer months and this is one of those vegetable soup recipes where you can throw anything in and it will taste just as good! #soup #allotment #gardener 250g Potatoes 500g Courgettes 50g Cheese 1 Vegetable Stock Cube 2 Spring Onions 1 Small onion Garlic to taste Salt & Pepper Link to Soup Blender Giant Sunflowers from Start to Finish Growing Pumpkins from Start to Finish DIY Scarecrow Simple Leaf Mold Bin .





  1. If you do a lot of soups a pressure cooker will save you loads of time.

    just add everything in, add water so it is just below the height of the vegetables, then turn the hob on and wait yill it comes up to pressure. You then leave it on the side to deepresuize and cool and at this point everything will be cooked through.