The Only Split Pea Soup Recipe You’ll Ever Need


There’s a Black Friday Exclusive where you can get 1 free Barista’s Choice Sleeve when you use my code SIPANDFEAST at If you’ve been wanting to try Cometeer, now is the time. Today we’re making split pea soup with a smoked ham hock and the best croutons ever! This is an easy recipe that never has leftovers. Enjoy! SUPPORT ON PATREON: MY AMAZON STORE (This is an affiliate link) ****PRINT RECIPE WITH INSTRUCTIONS AND PROCESS SHOTS**** SPLIT PEA SOUP PRINT RECIPE: INGREDIENTS WITH GRAM AMOUNTS For the split pea soup -¼ (54 grams) cup extra virgin olive oil -5 medium carrots diced, divided -3 celery ribs diced -1 medium onion diced -3 cloves smoked garlic minced -1 large bay leaf -1 large bay leaf -1 ham hock or ham bone -16 (454 grams) ounces split peas see below -4 cups (946 grams) low-sodium chicken stock -4 cups (946 grams) water -8 ounces (227 grams) ham diced – can use deli ham, cooked ham, etc – salt and pepper to taste For the croutons -3 cups (210 grams) bread cut into 1-inch cubes -3 tablespoons (43 grams) olive oil -½ teaspoon garlic powder -¼ teaspoon kosher salt -¼ teaspoon black pepper FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: Disclosure: I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. .





  1. put a bowl of it in the fridge, It will thicken to almost the consistency of peanut butter. Use the thickened soup to make a delicious cold sandwich on a crusty roll. mustard and grated cheese in the sandwich also it is a seriously good sandwich but make sure to eat it before the soups warms or you will have a soggy mess.

  2. I agree about the potato in the soup, too. Also, to make the ham easier to eat and to make the presentation better, I always peel that skin off the ham before I cut it into pieces. That skin/rind is tough and can be difficult to chew.

  3. What absolutely IDIOTS are carrying on about the seasoning from the previous soup video? Seasoning is up to every person’s tastes. If you don’t like it, don’t add it. People who don’t believe in seasoning are missing out on a lot of joy in life and need to go back to the hole they crawled out of.

  4. I’ve never put garlic in my split pea soup before, but I do use the bay leaf. The last time I made it I had no hock or ham so I used crispy cut up bacon rather than ham and it was pretty darn tasty. Also a few dashes of liquid smoke. All that said, your split pea soup looks awesome!!! And it is one of the most classic soups this time of year.

  5. I didn't have dry split peas so I used mung beans instead and if I were blindfolded I might not have known it was made with them. I made two different soups to accommodate my vegetarian wife, and both tasted damn near identical. In the veg soup I subbed the ham hock with Beyond Meat sausage patties, and a little soy-rizo. I also added potato to add body to the soup without affecting the flavor. Excellent, and easily customizable recipe. Love this channel, batting 100 thus far, satisfying each of my family members palate (my daughter being the most difficult to please, and she routinely come back for seconds since using your recipes. She needs to put some meat on her bones, and these recipes are the remedy. Thanks man!

  6. If you ever get stuck for a recipe idea and you want to make another hearty winter soup, I suggest that you look into mulligatawny soup. Not only does it have a cool name, but it’s incredibly complex. I had it in a restaurant in South Korea years ago. It’s Indian, I had it in Korea. It was delicious. I looked into making it and I got sidetracked with all of the different versions people created. It’s a curry based soup. The version that I had was slightly sweet. I’ve seen a recipe using apples and I think that’s the right way to go. The soup I had featured chicken. I’m going to assume it had cubed chicken thighs in it. If you use chicken breast, you’re probably going to want to do a wet brine with salt and sugar. I have a excellent brine recipe if you’re interested. This is great soup if you’re up to undertake this challenge. People will remember this soup if they see it in a title on your video because it was one of the soups that the angry soup guy on Seinfeld served. It’s a winner if you can get it nailed down right!