THE OLIVE GARDEN | House Salad with House Dressing


Who doesn’t love the endless bowl of Olive Garden’s House salad? No one, that’s who. Now that you can recreate it at home, it will truly be an endless bowl! American mix salad greens, pepperoncini, toasty croutons, red onion slices and that famous dressing. Don’t buy the expensive bottled, make it better in less than 5 minutes with ingredients you probably already have (or can easily get) in this Do-it-yourself version. Thanks for watching, y’all, and I’ll see you back here soon for more of your favorite recipes and dishes from the most popular restaurants. Comment below to add your favorite dish to my line-up! I’ll research it and feature it in a future episode. Love ‘ya.
Yield: about 1/2 quart (for the dressing); Salad 8-10 servings

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  1. Just last night we went to the Olive Garden for the first time in nearly 20 years. We had a 10 minute conversation just about their salad and how I love the dressing. Today, I opened YouTube and this was the first video that appeared in my feed. Creepy…. Anyway, thanks for the recipe. I will definitely try it.

  2. i'm enjoying your channel. I'd like to share a tip i learned about squeezing the lemon with your yellow squeezer (like mine, btw), that will prevent juice from squirting in your contact lenses and will give you the maximum juice from the lemon. Just cut off each end of the lemon beyond the pith, then half it, then put it through the squeezer–no squirting, is way easier to squeeze, gets allll the juice out. Each half squeezed separately.