THE MOST EPIC Salad That You Won't Get Tired Of!!


LITERALLY MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE LUNCH RIGHT NOW!!! Its taken a while but really think I’ve cracked this salad thing, the balance between sweet crunchy salty zesty – every taste you need to make a perfectly delicious satisfying and moreish salad !!!

Link to Full recipe –





  1. dill is not fennel radhi❤️ dill looks similar but it has a very different taste, dill has a darker green color and it just grows as the herb and not on top of a vegetable. however you are right, fennel greens are also very nice to eat😊😊 love❤️

  2. I am writing this after having tried your salad and OMGGG!!! This is THE BEST salad I have ever had. It's the perfect combination of all flavours and textures coming together to give you the most delicious and healthy salad on your plate! And the dressing is BOMBBB!!! Looovveee it! Thanks Radhi – please keep adding such delicious recipes! <3

  3. I need to say that when you say things that aren't true, I doubt everything you say. Please fact check. Dill and fennel don't taste or smell the same at all. Is there really no benefit to eating outer carrot skin? Won't be watching a second video because I want to trust the ones I get nutrition information and recipes from. If you just didn't share those false statements, I would continue to watch. Hope you consider this constructive not hating. The video footage and food was beautiful.

  4. Oh Radhi! You are so lovely and funny! I stopped eating healthy food for a wild cause i am in a tuff period of my life and I lost the joy to prepare it.
    But tonight, you just put me back on the track! That’s exactly the kind of salad that I used to prepared long time ago! Soooo delicious! Thank you!!, all your videos are delightful! Namaste