The most delicious Vegan Hickory Ham (Let's save a pig) #vegan #veganrecipes #veganham


Vegan Hickory Ham

Save A Pig




1350g of white flour
710 ml of cold water
50g smoked paprika
1 teaspoon red vegan food colouring.
10 to 20g msg


Mix the flour and water together into a dough. Set out a big mixing bowl and measure out 1350 g of whole wheat flour. Pour 710 mL of water into the flour, which will help you form a nice, firm dough. Knead the dough

Submerge the dough in 2l cold water with 1 teaspoon vegan food colouring for 1 hours.

Then wrap the bowl with a clean cling wrap.

Wash dough with clean water until only the gluten is left
You may need to make this in batches and freeze what you won’t use.

Let it rest for 15min

Then cut it in small proportional chunks.

In a blender add 100g vegan butter, 10g onion power, 10g garlic powder, mushroom and vegetable spice, and a pitch of Himalayan salt.

Blend the mixture for 30sec

Then drop the same chunks occasionally.

You can do this in two or three batches, depending how much your blender can handle.

Wrap with a cheese cloth firmly to your preferred shape.

Simmer on very low heat for an hour.

Baste it with the following sauce

50ml olive oil
15g smoked paprika
15g maple syrup

Put in the oven for 30m at 230 degrees.

And enjoy

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  1. The beginning of this video really messed me up. I had a total breakdown. I understand what u r trying to convey, but please consider the emotions of your viewers. I did not need to see that poor pig in that cage to appreciate your video. Thank you 😥🥺🥺

  2. I just finished making mine and it was a fail. I followed the recipe to a T. Mines popped in the oven and released water. Also it was the texture of a soft bread like texture. I cooked it at 450f since you said 230degrees and I was assuming you use Celsius.