The Most Delicious Vegan French Onion Soup


French onion soup is a classic! That warm umami broth layered because delicious bread and topped with melty cheese. OMG. Yes! Today, we’re showing you how to make it even better with this homemade vegan french onion soup recipe.

It’s not hard, but it takes time and patience. So grab your onions and let’s go.

Enjoy! And let us know if you have any questions.


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00:00 How to Make Vegan French Onion Soup

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  1. You guys are amazing!! My sister and I have been trying to eat more healthy/plant-based for the past few months (and into the future hopefully) and I LOVE watching your videos. You all are just beautiful people: a pleasure to listen to and inspiring cooks! God bless!

  2. And another one!! 😋😋 I'll probably only use ONE onion. I love onions, but not an overload of 'em. I had French Onion soup for the first time last yr and it was delicious, but too many onions. Def making this one. I already have the Non-Beef cubes. 👌🏽

  3. Lady, you can cook!! That onion soup looks absolutely delicious! Just FYI, Better Than Bouillon makes a vegan not beef variety, and it's really good! BTW, what brand of pot was that you were using, please? Is it enamel cast iron? Also, what brand of vegan mozzarella did you use, please?

  4. "Basically it's like a soggy sandwich." Way to sell it, but trooooooo! I have not had this soup since going vegetarian way back in 1994, because there was no beef flavored vegan stock back then, and the veggie stock ones I tried made me sad. Now, I have an onion sensitivity, so double sad. But I'm glad you posted this for the future; my mom used to make French onion soup often in the cold months, and I know family members miss it. I'll make this vegan version for them, and maybe slip a sip for me! Thanks for posting!

  5. I know it might sound crazy I feel about onions the way Andrew feels about mushrooms they disgust me I can't eat them if they're in something and they're very small on the ground in there and you don't notice like a tomato sauce I can eat them but I can't eat them LOL but the soup looks beautiful for those who love french onion soup that looks fantastic