The Most Delicious Egg Recipe We’ve Ever Tried…Seriously!


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Emily’s new cute ramekins
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Our chaffles have 2.5 net carbs each, the eggs in cocotte have around 2 net carbs.
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Eggs cocotte –
Air fryer jammy eggs-

Sarah and I had a problem with eggs for years until we tried this recipe. It’s so good we’ve made it 3 more times since recording this video a couple days ago! The recipe is called Eggs en cocotte, and it’s perfect for keto! We served this dish alongside our chaffles for the perfect keto breakfast or brunch!! We also tried to cook eggs in the air fryer.

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  1. Un-related question: do you have any suggestions for what to eat when you are dealing with a stomach virus? When my kids were little I used the BRAT acronym; bananas, rice, apple juice (or sauce) and toast. None of which are keto friendly. I have broken the rules and have eaten a couple graham crackers, some apple juice, tea and bone broth, oh, and some soft scrambled eggs. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  2. My favorite eggs are Scottish Eggs, but the one in the ramekin looks interesting. Another thing you can do is to hit the bottom of the egg before putting it in the water bath. It allows some water to seep in between the shell and the egg which also helps with peeling.

  3. My girlfriend‘s swore by right after the eggs are cooked and you put them in ice water that you crack it before we put them in there and then they peel easy. I’ve had it work good and not work good. I just use old are eggs and salt the water with table salt and I have no problems

  4. Just FYI, the size of the egg can affect cooking time. I use extra large size so that my results are consistent.
    Sometimes if I get a particularly stubborn HB egg, I will slip a common teaspoon just under the shell to get it off.
    Thanks for the great content. You ladies always brighten my day. 😎👍🏻

  5. Glad to hear I am not the only one who finds air fryers way over rated. Same with the Instant Pot craze. I get perfect "gelled" boiled eggs every time like this: Bring a pot of water to a furious boil. Put in a half dozen eggs, the fat end of which has been pierced with a push pin to reileve pressure in the air space there, boil for 1:45. Turn off heat and leave eggs sitting in the pot for another 7:15, a total of 9 minutes in the pot. Remove and submerge eggs in ice water or cool water. Works perfectly every single time. Adjust the yolk doneness to your liking by turning off the heat a little sooner or later. To peel crack the fat end and peel under cold running water letting the stream of water work between the shell and egg white to 'float' off the shell. I use a plastic egg peeler which looks like a diamond shaped spoon, works wonderfully.

  6. Sarah. I have very few skills but peeling eggs is one of them.
    2 things to remember : first hold the egg sideways, like, lengthwise. Crack the shell on the counter along the perimeter of the fattest part (keep the egg lengthwise. Ok? Just crack along the centre perimeter of the fattest part.
    Then . Pick off one tiny piece of shell. Pinch gently – the goal is to get under that “membrane”. IF you pinch and get under the membrane, run your finger along the crack , under the membrane. Then both halves simply just come off in one piece. It’s SO easy. Even with fresh eggs. No ice bath required although when they finish cooking I drain the water and refill with cold, just let them sit there while I peel the others.

    Using This method , I can peel each egg in like 15 seconds. And there’s never anything missing .

  7. Use older eggs, crack the bottom, and I run the egg along the counter for a minute and crack as much as possible. I also put them in ice for awhile. The colder the better. Sometimes I keep them refrigerated overnight and then I crack them. I cook my eggs in the Instant Pot for 5 minutes, I wait 5 minutes and then I open the top and put them into ice water.They peel like a dream every time. I am going to try the Eggs Cocotte without the sun dried tomatoes (no one in the house likes them).