The HEALTHIEST Sugar Free Sweeteners At The Grocery Store – Monk Fruit, Stevia, & More!


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There are a lot of sugar alternatives at the grocery store, but they are not all created equally. I want to tell you about my favorite sugar free sweeteners and show what products in the grocery store use them instead of cane sugar. Sugar is to be avoided whenever possible, and thanks to high quality sugar free sweeteners like monk fruit and stevia, we have really high quality choices at the store now. But you need to read the ingredients, because not all sweeteners are good for you! Mad love..Bobby, Dessi, Rose, and Art! XOXO

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  1. I have to say, I don't feel good on erythritol. I used to eat Quest bars and I always did better on the bars with less of that stuff. I could tolerate 2g, but some of their bars came with as much as 7. So it's sad that Lakanto felt the need to add it to their product. I'm intriguied by Monkfruit sweetener. I've heard a lot of good things and I seem to do fine on Monkbars. But I'm not sure how I'd do on greater quantities of it. And if I have a mixed product and I don't feel well, I can't very well eliminate monkfruit as the cause. Thanks for the great videos!

  2. Don’t buy sugar-free from grocery store. Buy Stevia plants and grow them on your windowsill or in your garden ….you will have pesticide herbicide fungicide free natural sweetener from nature rather than the cr!p produced by food corporations.And you will have free Stevia forever

  3. I hope you talk more in depth about the potentially deadly dangers of aspartame, sucralose Ace K and others! There is a lot of information on the internet with a bit of digging past the propaganda. My husband died recently from overuse of these. His 'so-called' best friend and he knew that I was against him using these three (and others) and they hid his use from me – otherwise he'd be alive today! 'Very tragic! He was a great fan of Dr. Atkins having lost weight with his program. Sadly Dr. Atkins put profits before people with his widespread use of sucralose and Ace K! Natural flavors means MSG I believe – another ingredient to be avoided!

  4. The taste of sweeteners in ones mouth is as it seems highly genetically dependent, and I swear that I've drawn the shorter sticky on this one: to me Stevie tastes so heinous that I dare to say that I think that its worse tasting than saccharin ! yikes!
    Monkey fruit is pretty bad too, one that I liked was Sucralose, but its really expensive, about 10x the price of sucrose (cane sugar), and on top of that it is actually less potent than regular sugar, so you gonna spend a lot on it, better just use for coffee, teas and other beverages.
    Oddly enough I've notice that acidic drinks like a lemonade goes well with many cheap sugar substitutes like aspartame, it seems that bitter tasting things and sweeteners have a synergism: one augments the bitter taste of the other.

  5. I think the Stevia/Erythritol combo is very much a hype. It really doesn't taste like sugar, not even close. It actually feels like giving the 'impression' of something somehow sweet on your tongue. But it's not in any way satisfying like sugar is. As for sugar itself, I recommend people try less refined sugars from Oriental groceries – the Demerara brand has a fairly raw sugar – the one that looks rather brown. Raw sugar is less sweet than the white refined sugar.

  6. I have been watching your videos for a couple of months now. My problem is that I have very low vision and you sometimes talk so ffast and show things but don't give their names so I miss out on vital information. Could you please make sure to use the names, espeially of your recommended products more than nce so that folks like me can understand and make sure we have the full informaton?