The BEST Vegan Mozzarella I've Ever Made (Miyoko Schinner's recipe)


Miyoko Schinner’s famous vegan mozzarella recipe was far too good to pass up. I’ve been a big fan for a long time now and my curiosity got the best of me. I was so surprised when most of you said you hadn’t heard the Miyoko’s scandal that took place, I figured i’d fill you all in and let you come to your own conclusions.

Miyoko Schinner’s OG video:
Totally Forkable’s Video:

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  1. You might be somewhat interested in the channel, "Hustle Bitch"…He does an amazing job gathering info, reporting, and putting together videos about the Maui fires…i think he also reports on other things…Also, if you are interested in how horrific the Chinese government is, there are a bunch of channels that expose the CCP…i've only started watching those videos too, in the past month…Some channels are: "China Uncensored," "China Fact Chasers'" (which take clips from the channel "The China Show") – (So far there are 176 episodes, even though only a few show up on the video page, so i type in the number, like 176, into the search on their video page, and that episode will come up, and you can type in any number that precedes that as well, and just about every week they post another one so the numbers will go up), "Serpentza'" "laowhy86", and there are more..Also, you might like to listen to Russell Brand…i am not interested in politics, but sometimes i listen to him because he's a great guy, has an exceptional vocabulary, and works to expose the corrupt system…He's also vegan, but doesn't really talk about it much…🌳

  2. in the tech industry, it's common for the founding CEO to step aside as the business grows. Few technical CEO are able to transition to a sales management role once the company grows beyond a certain point. That much is true, but it's important to ask "why does a business have to scale beyond a small/medium size?"

    If you take VC money, chances are they will force the founders out.

  3. What an amazing singing voice you have, Merle! Plus, making up songs to narrate your life is just a fun and creative thing that awesome people do (I'm not biased). But I'll bet no one shrinks away in pain when you do it. 😅

    People, don't forget to buy copies of Miyoko's vegan cheese cookbooks to support her (and/or encourage your local library to get copies to loan).