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  1. I wish you'd show all the products you use like the vegan butter. I tried one available to me locally and it just tasted like coconut cream, which in my opinion is disgusting because I hate coconut. All of the stick-style vegan butters were coconut based. But it made me wonder, why is that different from a margarine tub. Like is there any reason you couldn't use Earth Balance in a recipe like this?

  2. Another amazing video! The butter trick with the wrapper in the beginning of the video was pretty neat. I've never had vegan marshmallows and I've been curious about them. Have you ever made a vegan cheesecake? I've only done it once. Its was a no bake using cashew cream/milk, but the texture was off.

  3. These look amazing Brian!! 🤤🥰NYT Cooking channel actually just did a video 3 weeks ago on the ultimate chocolate chip cookies (not vegan) based on a recipe by Jacques Torres. The host Vaughn chilled the dough 72 hours first and did a taste test to compare: chilling makes them so much better with a better texture. He said the difference btw 72 hrs vs. 24 hrs was "astounding", and unchilled was even more. I know waiting is a pain and many people don't have that kind of patience, but it might be worth a shot for some!
    Edit: I just remembered Food52 on Youtube also did a video in 2019 on vegan salted chocolate chip cookies & said the same thing. They did extensive testing with chilling and even said "do not skip this step!"😂