THE BEST VEGAN CABBAGE ROLLS 💖 Easy to follow recipe you will love!


Plant Based Vegan Cabbage Rolls are a delicious treat to make on a lazy weekend day. Being a bit labor intensive, it is best to make them on a day when you can take your time to cook and enjoy the process. The effort is well worth the wait and you will have plenty to enjoy for multiple meals. These earthy, delicious rolls can be served as the main along side a generous serving of roasted potatoes for a filling comforting meal.

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  1. Thanks for the recipe Jill. Can't wait to try these. I have a couple tips. When you steam off the leaves, let cool and take a strip off the stem to remove the bulky part of it. You want it to be the same width as the rest of the leaf and easier to roll. Also, you can freeze the leaves in a pile and get at them another day. That way it's not such a big production to make. It also means you can buy cabbage when they are cheaper in the fall and make them in the winter. I stack prepared leaves in a pile of 10-12 and fold them or roll and stick them into a freezer bag.

  2. thanks to you beautiful rendition and recipe……suggestion.. get your friends and family eating together… all enjoying and commenting, with your comments floating over.. gives company to those alone (especially with covid happening) and reminds people how to live in community as well as with healthy food!

  3. I like the use of Dutch oven in this recipe vs the baking dish in so many others. I have never used my conventional oven, only my stove on my gas stove top on my conventional oven. (At least I have evolved to use it my dishwasher for shoes and handbag storage. My Dutch oven will not fit in my counter top: Microwave, Convection oven (baking) Broiler timed combination so I will have to try this recipe in the Dutch oven stove top. Also I like to share my cooking efforts with my dog. It is very hard to cook for 1 and not have waste. Dogs can not have onion soy sauce or Tamari. I will try this but I look forward to finding healthy recipes without those things.

  4. In the Middle East, we have a similar recipe to this one. We have both the meat version and the vegetarian version. It's mostly Levantine. With the vegetarian (vegan) version, some people add chickpeas with rice and spices and garlic and onion. Others like to use the same stuffing we use for stuffed grape leaves, or dolma (rice, parsley, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and spices). We layer them facing down in a pot, uncooked stuffing, and then cook it on the stove top for about an hour and a half to 2 hours, or for about 25 minutes in the pressure cooker.

  5. I've put off making stuffed cabbage rolls because of not putting meat inside. My husband is not WFPB, so I try to stay away from recipes that are hard to substitute meat for foods he loves. But this recipe sounds like it could fit the bill. I use lentils in my veggie burgers and in my meatloaf – so why not cabbage rolls. Thanks for the idea. Someone in the comments said to freeze the whole head of cabbage to simplify pulling the cabbage leaves off, rather than simmering the head. I've never heard of it, and I love when people come up with these crazy, simple hacks.

  6. The best polish cabbage rolls are with mushrooms and without onions! Actually I live in the eastside of Poland and our regions were really poor (still are one of the poorest regions in Poland) and we don't eat cabbage rolls with meat (or with really tiny amount) – and even though my family members are eating meat, cabbage rolls are traditionally made just with cabbage, rice, vegetable broth, spices, garlic and lots of mushrooms and with mushroom or tomato sauce and it doesn't need meat nor lentils 🙂