The Best Spicy Thai Soup (Authentic Tom Yum)


One of the best Homemade Tom Yum you can make, plus a fancy version at the end. It’s a tom yum wonderland. Get My Cookbook: Additional Cookbook Options (other stores, international, etc.): FOLLOW ME: Instagram: Tik Tok: Twitter: Facebook: Subreddit: ——————- ——————————————– Ingredients Needed: Nam Prik Pao – 50g deseeded dried puya chilies – 50g garlic cloves (12 cloves) – 100g peeled shallots, thin sliced ​​- 150g palm sugar – 25g dried shrimp – 1/3 cup (90g) tamarind paste – 1/3 cup (90g) fish sauce – 1.25 cups (295ml) vegetable oil Traditional Tom Yum – 1 lb. tiger shrimp w/ heads – 3.5 cups of (828ml) water – 2 stalks of lemongrass – 2 inch knob galangal – 7 kaffir lime leaves – 5 Thai chilies – 5 cloves garlic, thinly sliced ​​- 2 oyster mushrooms – 2 boxes mini beech mushrooms – 4 tablespoons of nam prik pao – 1/4 cup (55g) of fish sauce – 3 tablespoons (38g) of Lime juice – 3 tablespoons (42g) palm sugar – Cilantro for garnish – Thai basil for garnish – Red Fresno thinly sliced ​​- 4 limes Fancy Tom Yum – 1 bunch of green onions – 2 tsp (6g) of sesame oil – 3 tbsp (25g) vegetable oil – 2tbsp (27g) of rice vinegar – 1 Can Full Fat Coconut Milk – 2 Large Trumpet mushrooms – 2 lobster tails – 10 garlic cloves, peeled – 1 cup (214g) of sugar – 1 cup (240ml) of water – Red Fresno chili thinly sliced, for garnish – Thai basil for garnish .





  1. As an avid Tom Yum eater. I give this recipe 6/10. Just because, one, it taste better if you cut the lemongrass in half and smash the end of it and toss it into the pot and leave it just like that instead of taking it out. Two, too much mushrooms, this is just my preferences because what we usually put is chicken, squid, carrots , prawns and thats it.

    But the way we make Tom Yum differs in every household, some like it a lil bit creamy, so they put a lil bit of dairy (evaporated one) into it. Some like it more spicy, so more power to that. But either way, it shouldn't look TOO red. Papa's Tom Yum are pretty great, more points added since papa ones are homemade. Unlike us, we just buy at the store. Kudos for this recipe.

  2. I've never had Tom Yum but now I know I never will be able to eat it, small sad moment. It looks absolutely gorgeous and so yummy but you've got a triple death threat for me there. Allergic to coconut, mushrooms and prawns in "oh no" epic way.
    Looks out of this world though.