The Best Salad You’ll Ever Taste!


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Hey babes! I’m finally found the courage to upload a full salad recipe on my channel because…. I love y’all like that! 😂🫶🏽

Feel free to add or takeaway ingredients that best fit your taste buds but if you try, please let me know your thought on it🫶🏽

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  1. Alright. I’m making this salad 🥗 this weekend! I realized I need to change up my salad game and this was the confirmation I needed. I love the dressing and I’m also a red onion fan (in salad). In fact, I even created a playlist dubbed “Super salads” and yours is the first one to be in it. Thank you, thank you. It couldn’t have come at a better time, because I’ve been doing a detox so I’m really craving healthier foods!

  2. Let me start by saying your complexion is flawless so you must be doing something right! I actually was a vegan for almost two years and several types of vegetarian (including the one where I only ate fish lol). This was all in my 20’s and I was pretty svelte. I’m 41 and “fell off the bandwagon” so to speak, but I’ve always enjoyed salads! This salad is intriguing and I have to try it. I have to have sunflower seeds in my salad too lol. When I try this, I’ll let you know. Thank you for the inspiration! New sub from California.💝