The BEST Roasted Chicken Soup! #shorts | @Flavor4Dinner |


This is one you want to save for later…we all get sick and this brought me back to life this past week 🙌 _____________________________________________ Ingredients: 2 chicken quarters 1/2 pound carrots (sliced) 1 Onion (diced) 4 celery stalks (diced) 4 garlic cloves (sliced) 3 inch piece of ginger (sliced) Handful of thyme & parsley (tied together) 6 cups chicken stock or water 2 bay leaves 1 star anise 1/4 tsp turmeric 2 tbsp avocado oil Kitchen Besties (S&P) Preparation : -preheat oven to 450F -pierce chicken skin with knife to allow more fat to render, season with salt and place in oven until browned, about 25-30min. (cooked about 75% of the way) -remove from baking sheet, set aside to cool. Add water to the baking sheet to scrap up fond with a wooden spoon. -In a LG pot add 1 tbsp oil and add onions with a pinch of salt followed by turmeric and cook until translucent. -make space in pot and add remaining oil and carefully add in garlic and sauté in oil until fragrant, about 30-60sec, then mix with onions. -add in carrots and celery and cook about 2-4min before added liquid from baking sheet. Once poured in, use a wooden spoon to scrap the bottom of the pot to help deglaze. -throw in your ginger and season with your kitchen besties. Carefully add in your chicken along with any resting juices (we cant be friends if you throw away resting juices) -pour in chicken stock or water then add your bay leaves, bouquet garni and finally my secret ingredient, the star anise. -cover, bring to boil then reduce to simmer until chicken is tender and flavor has developed about 20-30 min, times may vary. -once tender, remove chicken as well as herbs, bay leaves and ginger. Use gloves to shred chicken or two forks. -add shredded chicken back into soup, allow to heat through,top with parsley grab your favorite blanket and enjoy this soul warming soup 🙂 💫say it with me…whats for dinner? Please Subscribe if you like what you see, it really helps me out. Lets be friends on everything 🙂 Instagram: Tiktok: #chicken #soup #roasted #sick #delicious #youtube #foodie #cheflife #viral #foodporn #yummy #goodfood #presentation #cook #short #homemade #healthyfood #foodgasm #hungry # influencers #Dinner #whatsfordinner #yum #beautiful #plating #foodbeast #goodeats #foodlover #sogood #internetchef





  1. This shit looks good but all those spices won’t work if they aren’t eatin’ RAW. Any veggie that is boiled will no longer hold nutrients to help you because it’s been boiled. Steaming, stir fry and roasting is the only way your veggies will hold those nutrients.. so if you ever sick pls don’t boil your veggies.