THE BEST Potato Soup EVER, , CVC’s Holiday Series


Our Potato Soup Recipe is THE BEST out there! Just don’t change the Potato Soup Recipe below at all and make it just like it says and I PROMISE you will be thrilled with the results. If you want an easy and comforting food to feed your friends and family Potato Soup is one recipe that they all will LOVE! This recipe is just perfect every time, so peel up some potatoes y’all! #collardvalleycooks, #cvc, #southerncooking Website: All recipes are printable free here: My Top selling kitchen Items: Get to know Tammy: Our Rada Knives Store: Purchase our Cookbooks: Our Apparel and More: Our Facebook Group: We are sponsored by #Whitelily : NOW FOR THIS DELICIOUS RECIPE: Potato Soup (Simple) 4-5 MEDIUM/LARGE RUSSET POTATOES (PEEL AND CHOP INTO 3/4 INCH PIECES) 1/2 KNORR CHICKEN BOUILLON CUBE OR 2 REGULAR SQ. BOUILLION CUBES. 1 CUP HALF & HALF 2 TBSP. CORN STARCH 1/4 TSP. PEPPER 1/2 TSP. SALT 3-4 TBSP. SALTED BUTTER Put potatoes in medium saucepan. Add water to top of potatoes. Add Β½ Knorr bullion OR 2 cubes of regular bullion. Bring to a boil on medium/high setting. Once boiling set timer and boil 12 minutes. In glass measuring cup combine half and half, cornstarch, pepper, and salt. Whisk well. Add to potatoes when time goes off. Put on medium/high heat and add butter. Stir well. Simmer 5 minutes and serve. Optional (add cheese or garnish as desired) I love this soup just as it is. Serves 4-5 (one per potato) TIP: DO NOT add skim or low-fat milk into boiling base or it will curdle! Use half and half or whole milk. 00:00 Video Introduction 00:43 Purchase our Cookbooks 03:57 Visit our Amazon Store 06:58 Join Tammy’s Personal Channel Hello and I am just thrilled that you joined us today! My name is Tammy, and I want to teach you how to cook like my mama. She was an amazing cook and baker and all of us kids can cook up some good food. After many years of being complimented on my food, I decided to make some videos to teach my own children how to cook. I am a cancer survivor and wanted them to have a way to learn even if my life was cut short. So Collard Valley Cooks began in the summer of 2017. Many of my older videos show just what an armature I was at making video content. However, after much encouragement from my viewers I created three cookbooks and have come a long way. Today, our videos are in HD with more quality sound, and not only that I have learned so many tips from viewers just like YOU! I really believe I am an even better cook thanks to you all and appreciate your encouragement. Being a YouTuber takes lots of patience, time, determination, thick skin and so much more, but the true joy comes from the stories from my viewers. Many of you mean so much to us. We just want to thank YOU for SUBSCRIBING, WATCHING, LEARNING, and being faithful to our channel. If you are interested in seeing more of me and Chris watch these additional channels: Nichols Retirement Empire (Chris’s personal channel): Real Southern Woman: (Tammy’s Personal Bible Studies) #cvcrecipes #cookinglikemamadid #itsgonnabegood #bestrecipesonyoutube #bestsoutherncooking #soulfood #bestsoutherncooks # lordhavemercy #forheavenssake #comeandeat #gannygreenbeans .





  1. Hi Tammy. I'm sure it's a killer recipe but, for me, it can't come close to my late grandmother's potato soup (the only thing she made that I'm able to replicate). Looks similar but my grandmother's recipe adds bacon (the duct-tape of all kitchens). πŸ˜‰