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Delicious tasting donuts that are sugar free and low in carbs! Yes!!!!
You are going to love this easy to make recipe for donuts that do not require deep frying. Now there is no recipe in the world that can be gluten and sugar free and taste exactly like a traditional deep fried donut however…..these donuts taste absolutely delicious and when you are eating one, it tastes just like a donut should. The texture is a little different to a traditional donut which is understandable as there is no gluten or sugar in these donuts, but they are still slightly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and have that wonderful yeasty taste that a donut should.

The 3 topping options take these donuts to the next level. My personal favorite is the buttery cinnamon sugar topping, followed closely by the sugar glaze but if you are a chocolate fiend, you are going to love the chocolate topping. All are sugar free and will have minimal impact on blood sugar levels and keep the carbs down to a minimum.

Find the original recipe here, where you will also find full instructions and notes, including how to make all of the toppings.

For many more low carb and sugar free recipes like this one make sure you head over to for some inspiration.

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