The BEST Keto Ice-Cream You've NEVER Had!


I finally found a way to make keto ice-cream with no machine, alcohol, xanthan gum or similar, botcha sweet or syrups. As far as I know this is one of the cleanest Keto Ice-Cream recipes I’ve seen. I was able to achieve this just by thinking outside the box and lots of experimentation. I started off with a great recipe by Gemma from Bigger Bolder Baking. Here is the link to her original recipe:
Do feel free to halve the ingredient amount if you want a smaller portion (6 scoops).

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Makes 12 Scoops

Nutritional Information for the entire Basic Ice-Cream Recipe:
Cal: 3585 | Net Carbs: 0g | Fiber: 0g | Total Carbs: 0g | Fat: 395g | Protein: 0g

00:00 Intro
02:00 Keto Condensed Milk
03:10 Basic Ice-Cream Recipe
03:46 Vanilla
04:41 Freezing Test
06: 11Cookie Dough
06:47 Peanut Butter Chocolate
07:45 Strawberry Shortcake
08:55 Raspberry Pistachio Ripple
09:43 Mint Chocolate Chip
10:42 Chocolate Walnut
11:02 How to Store
11:32 Outtro

Basic Ice-Cream Ingredients:
1132g/ 4 ½ cups Heavy Cream (I used the Aldi brand which is 0g carbs
140g/ 2/3 cup Sweetener (I used Monkfruit)
42g/ 3 tbsp Butter (I used Western Star brand)

I hope the following flavors inspire your creativity, the quantities are all optional and to your own taste. When mixed through, please give it a taste and make adjustments if necessary.

Vanilla Ingredients:
3g/1 tsp Vanilla (organic if possible)

Cookie Dough Ingredients:
1 tbsp Sweetener
1 tbsp Sugar Free Chocolate Chips
2 tbsp Almond Butter

Chocolate Peanut Butter Ingredients:
2 tbsp Organic Peanut Butter
2 tbsp Sugar Free Chocolate Chips

Raspberry Pistachio Ripple Ingredients:
2 tsp Pistachio Nuts, chopped
60g/ ¼ cup Raspberries, diced
1 tsp Sweetener
Optional: 1 or 2 tsp Water

Mint Chocolate Chip Ingredients:
¼ tsp Peppermint Extract or 1 tsp finely chopped mint
3 tsp Chocolate chips
1/8 tsp Green Food Color

Strawberry Shortcake Ingredients:
60g/ ¼ cup Strawberries, diced
1 tsp Sweetener
Keto Cookie Recipe here:
Optional: 1 or 2 tsp Water

Chocolate Walnut Ingredients:
1 tsp Cocoa Powder
1 tbsp Walnuts
Pinch of Salt

METHOD: For the best results please follow the tutorial provided in the video.

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Disclaimer: Please note I am not a medical or nutritional professional, I am simply sharing keto recipes I have found worth sharing, not only my own, but others too. The nutrition information I provide is calculated using the app My Fitness Pal, however you should be calculating this on your own as nutrition does differ between brands.

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The BEST Keto Ice-Cream You’ve NEVER Had!





  1. Te comparto una receta fácil. Bananas bien maduras ( cuanto mas maduras, mejor, porque se concentra el azúcar natural de la fruta. Mixarlas y congelarlas hasta que estén en el punto medio. Volverlas a mixar y listo. Le podés agregar mantequilla de maní, o chips de Chocolate, fresas o dulce de leche, almendras picadas, o nueces. Queda muy rico , fácil y económico . Saludos