The Best Keto Bread in the World in 2 Minutes!!!


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Perfected Keto Flour Printable Recipe

Gluten free Low carb & Sugar free

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  1. How super the idea to make a more portion control bread. You mention you can bake it in a reg. oven what would you recommend time and temp to bake it for? I do not own a m/w for heath reasons it's why I'm asking. As always thank you for your contribution in making the keto lifestyle more main stream. God Bless

  2. I make up a batch of Perfect Keto Flour (PKF) and made up a batch of this bread and YUM. Only took 1.30 minutes in micro since I used to hotdog molds. Then I let cool, make four slices, and smashed two of them in my tortilla press and toasted them in my air fryer and man, like a cripsy chip bread for dips. So flavorful, light, quick and easy. Love it.

  3. I just tried it! It is the best Keto bread that I've tried!! It's husband approved also (believe me, he's finicky!!). It's a keeper. Thank you for all that you do! Also, I've been meaning to tell you that I used your sweetened condensed milk recipe as coffee sweetener by adding vanilla and cinnamon. Yummy!

  4. I just made it. It is wonderful! I made a slight mistake. I cut it into two slices and ate just one slice. It was delicious!!! It made me crave a grilled cheese sandwich, but I only have one slice. So off I go to make another slice or two.

    Your recipes are the best. Keep up the great work.

  5. Just made it! I used a circular bowl lol thats what I had available. I toasted it lightly and made a sandwich immediately because I'm hungry haha
    The flavor is great especially when toasted! Ohio is really dry right now so it may be drier for me than for others. I may add butter to the recipe or just apply butter for eating 😊
    I'm so excited that it's crispy when toasted! Can't WAIT to return to my favorite toast and tea for breakfast!
    Thank you dearly, Victoria!

  6. OMGosh…. I Crave French Bread, with Garlic Butter on it…… Mmmmm how do you make a “Loaf”. How many time to you increase the mix for a full loaf!!! Can you make French Bread???????? You experimenting with “PUFF PASTRIE”. ????? I need a real Cream Puff!!!!!😂😂❤