The Best Homemade Veggie Burger Recipe – Better Than Store-bought


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How to make homemade veggie burgers that are hearty, flavorful and full of vegetables. These delicious vegetable-packed burgers are high in fiber (5 grams) and come in at just over 200 calories for one patty. When we first created this recipe, we called on eggs to help bind the burger together. They work like a charm, but since sharing these burgers with you, many of you have asked about making them vegan friendly Flax eggs are perfect in this recipe! They help bind and firm up the middles of the burgers.

Here’s what you’ll need to make these veggie burgers vegan:

Use 2 flax eggs instead of the 2 eggs called for in the recipe. (Readers have commented that chia eggs work, as well. We have not tried this, yet.) To make 2 flax eggs, whisk 2 tablespoons flaxseed meal with 6 tablespoons water. Set the mixture aside for 5 to 10 minutes and then use in the recipe below.

There’s no getting around the fact that vegetable burgers take more time than regular hamburgers, but they are well worth it (trust us). Nothing is difficult about the process, so stick with us. You can do this! Once you make the burger mixture, you can keep it in the fridge for 24 hours. Or you can form the patties, cook them and freeze up to three months (this is what we do).

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  1. What i did was use the leftover pulp from my juicier. Added seasoning, onions, garlic and garlic oil, orange pepper 🌶 😋 mushrooms, turkey broth, agave, salt, parsley, and cilantro. Next time ill use rice, chick peas, then put date sugar in my pre-heated coconut oil for browning. I also used a little Wheat grass and hemp protein. It was great. Im gonna try egg soon, but not next time. Im sure the egg is what dried it out and gave it consistency. I also topped it with salsa. Tho, i could have added the salsa in the paddy mix, 😏

  2. OMG 🤮, please dont use 'Aluminum' anything to cook with. Use wax paper if you dont have stainless steel cookie trays. Metal poisoning from Aluminum and lead are the main cause of brain damage, like Alzheimer and dementia, smh. Nice recipe tho, 😅😬😅

  3. I'll definitely try your recipe
    It looks so delicious
    Keep the great recipes flowing
    And the healthy vibes glowing
    Let the world know
    Living healthy is the way to go
    Great a shout to healthy life style. Keep going the extra mile
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  4. My mom made these and all of us (vegetarians and non-vegetarians) loved them! I had a go at it too, and the only issue I ran into was I blended it a bit too long and they didn't have as nice of a texture. Wonderful flavour and not as hard as it looks. Thanks for this delicious recipe!