The BEST Crispy Smashed Potatoes


Perfectly crispy browned on the outside but fluffy and tender on the inside. RECIPE:

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  1. In the South American Andes mountains, where potatoes originated, the locals lay the potatoes out on the ground and let them freeze one night. That makes them soft. Then they stomp them flat with the heel of their foot, put them in net bags and dry them. When it's time to eat they re-hydrate and fry them. It's not this recipe, but kind of, maybe, similar. LOL A warning to anyone attempting to do the South American method, freezing potatoes turns them black. They taste the same, they're just black and perfectly good to eat.

  2. Mashed potatoes are good lol I peel the potatoes cut them in 3 slices so they get soft faster and add them to boiling water on the stove then when they are soft I drain the water and add unsalted butter, salt, milk, American cheese that I shred, then I smash the potatoes with all the ingredients until there are no lumps left (because I have kids and they aren’t ok with lumpy textures) then i add pepper in the end and mix. Then I top it with paprika and parsley and serve to my kiddos

  3. i gotta be honest, i hate curly fries but i love normals fries, i hate cooked potatoes, in any form, mashed, big chunks, half cut potatoes, chonky homemade fries because theyre essentially just cooked potatoes from the inside and a little fried on the outside, really, mcdonalds fries (only when i make them at work) are good
    no front to my coworkers but sometimes they forget to salt them and even if they do they dont stit that shi so most of it aint salty

  4. I agree with you @rainbow plant life – I never liked potatoes either until I learned about roasted crispy potatoes. The first recipe that let me see the light was the seriouseats oven roasted potatoes, but this recipe was fantastic too. Thank you!

  5. Taste is subjective and effort and a good recipe matters; fries, mashed potatoes, well seasoned potatoes and nice sauces with potatoes are good; boiled potatoes arent so tasty for most when u know what chips taste like lol

  6. I always choose potatoes if I’m asked to choose ONE food to eat for the rest of my life…. The word is VERSATILE! Chips, fries, hash browns, potato salad, mashed potatoes, smashed potatoes, baked potatoes, plain ole roasted potatoes— how anyone could dislike potatoes is beyond me 🤔 keep up with the creativity, you can always find new ways to enjoy them!