The Best Cold Shrimp Salad Recipe – Eat Simple Food



This healthy cold shrimp salad with chives, red onions, celery, a wee bit of mayonnaise, and horseradish is one of my favorite light and crunchy recipes. Eat it with some greens, as is, or on toast.

Don’t like peeling and deveining shrimp? Buy them already done. Most grocery stores will also sell cooked shrimp which would work for this recipe. Whole foods will peel and devein them at no additional cost most of the time if you call ahead.

Shrimp can also be peeled and deveined after boiling if you don’t like to peel and devein raw.

These are fresh local shrimp from the Geechee Dock in Charleston SC. Shrimp season, summer, and salad recipes = happiness. Thank you beautiful shrimp and thank you local shrimpers.





  1. Update! I have a husband that is on a restricted eating plan due to health problems. But I used your recipe late this evening to use for sandwiches tomorrow, adding more finely chopped veggies to reduce the sodium. He went crazy over it! This makes great sandwiches and the versatile nature of this recipe is limited only by one’s imagination. Thank you for helping me struggle through this new restricted diet!

  2. I never throw away my shrimp shells. When I shell them first before cooking the shrimp, I barely cover the shrimp shells with water, and after boiling them down to reduce the liquid, I strain out the shells and you are left with a flavorful reduction to either thicken and serve in a number of ways, such as a base for other shrimp dishes, or make a delicious chowder. The flavor is unbelievable. If I were to cook the shrimp first and then remove the shells, I would probably shell the shrimp and then put them in a smaller pot and proceed as above.