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Meal planning and meal prepping are the secrets to sticking to a healthy diet! This clean eating program makes the learning process a breeze! Learn how to eat healthy consistently and how to stick to healthy eating forever without starving.





  1. Meal preps don't work for me. After the second day, the food just tastes blah. I have tried it on a couple of occasions thinking that i would be ok eventually but it never works. I also can't seem to follow recipes. I just need to know what I can eat and how much – and also not what to eat. But that is a personal opinion nowadays. For example, bacon is natural. Its directly from the pig (as opposed to the fewer calorie turkey bacon which is not natural). Most people would tell you to steer away from bacon but I love it and only eat 1-2 slices when I do eat it. I also get my meats from Butcher Box. The fallacy alot of diet guru's will go along with is that a food like bacon should be avoided because its too fatty, too many calories, and is not good if you want to keep your cholesterol down. Thing is, cholesterol is only a problem in your body when inflammatory foods are eaten and your bodies own cholesterol goes to the inflammatory site for the rescue and ends up staying there and becoming part of the plaque that is found in your food – its not necessarily the food itself. I know a fair amount of information about foods and such – I guess its more of a lack of motivation. I eat when I am hungry. I eat what my brain tells me I will be satisfied with. But that might not always be a good choice. It is common sense that anything that is high on the glycemic index is gong to spile your insulin and surprisingly, there are always alot of diet related foods on various programs. My question is this: Does you program consist of recipes? Does it suggest physical activity? What about food substitutions for picky eaters? Without telling us your whole plan, give us a little more insight into the plan itself and I think more of us might take the chance.

  2. Unfortunately, after 30 years of being pescatarian, I'm not willing to eat cow, pork, turkey, chicken, lamb etc. and I read that the program cannot successfully be made meatless and still be balanced. I don't need to loose weight, but I was open to paying for meal plans and grocery lists for the simplicity of a pre-done healthy plan…if the meals were vegetarian or pescatarian. I'm sure this will be helpful to a lot of folks that eat land animal meat – if they follow through on the plan!