The BEST Classic Beef Borscht Recipe (Борщ) – Ukrainian Beet Soup w/ Beef! Family Recipe!!


GET THE RECIPE: Get my new cookbook: (Amazon affiliate link) Cookbook is also available at Barnes&Noble, Powell’s and IndieBound. Today, I’m sharing the star dish from my newest cookbook, Beyond Borscht! Straight off the cover – my classic beef borscht! This Eastern European and Russian beet soup is made with tender chunks of beef tri-tip, potatoes, cabbage, loads of veggies and of course, beets! This delicious tomato based soup is hearty, warming and perfect anytime of year! This traditional recipe has been passed down from generation to generation and I have enjoyed this incredible recipe since childhood! ——————– Connect with me on social media! ALL MY RECIPES can be found HERE: * COOKBOOKS: * Facebook: * Instagram: * Pinterest: .





  1. Hi!! Your recipe looks authentic and so delicious. I’ve made borscht a few times but my husband complained about the meat not being tender. I see you used tri-tip as opposed to the stew beef I use. Gonna give this recipe a try. Спасибо большой! 🙂

  2. I made this soup tonight because of the heavy rains I told my wife before I was going to make it. She asked that I also make another dish for stand by- just in case… No one else thought that it would taste good. The challenge was on. Let me say everyone LOVED It! I now KNOW that it will be in heavy rotation. I love this soup!

  3. У кожному Українському будинку присутня ця страва. Це справжня вітамінна бомба. Точного рецепту немає, існує понад 200 рецептів борщу з рибою, ріпою, білий борщ та інше. Готуйте як відчуваєте без пропорцій.

  4. One very important ingredient is missing. White vinegar. Add a glug glug to the pot when it's done cooking. Borscht without a splash of vinegar is like a hotdog without meat. If you don't trust me, add a table spoon to a bowl of borscht so you don't ruin the pot. Source – born and raised behind the iron curtain. Edit : do serve with a dollop of sour cream and fresh dill.

  5. I lived in Hong Kong in the 70's. Weirdly, this soup was available everywhere, I especially liked the version they served in the Sincere department store restaurant, i used to get the borscht and the crab au gratin every single time. Sometimes i went just for the restaurant in the store.

  6. My mom gave me some beets, I had no idea what to do with them. I’m definitely going to try making this soup, thanks for the easy version of it featuring beef broth instead of making it from scratch. That’s too time consuming for my lifestyle, so this works better for modern (working) life in my opinion. Thanks!

  7. When sharing UKRAINIAN борщ recipes in English, please use the Ukrainian word for it. There is no "t" anywhere in the word, and there are 2 "h"s. The letter щ is represented in English as "sh + ch" – bor-sh- ch. 

    If you're spelling it with a "t" (borsht or borscht), Shalom! That is the way you say/spell it in Yiddish. 

    If you're spelling it borsch, Schöne Grüße! That is the way you spell it in German. 

    If you're of Ukrainian background and don't want your ancestors rolling in their graves, pronounce and spell it correctly for them, if not for future generations. They'll be proud of you for teaching the rest of the world, including spellcheck and Wikipedia, that borshch is a centuries-old national Ukrainian soup that has been appropriated by other cultures. It goes deeper than "tomato/tomahto".

    "Can you say borshch?" Now, can you spell it correctly in English? 😊

  8. My best buddy is living and working in Kiev Ukraine, I'm sending him this to watch. There is a yearly Borscht Competition in Ukraine that I want to send him to… Borscht is THE ABSOLUTE BEST. My first borscht was my oldest sister's vegetarian cream, butter and beet, a very simple soup. I loved it and researched it.
    I developed my own recipe (I'm a son of a chef!) which is comparable to your recipe. I use lamb or goat at times, or Texas Axis deer which tastes EXACTLY LIKE BEEF but with zero fat.
    I had to edit the comment a little for errors in autocorrect… But borscht has become a part of my life! I was so glad I found your video. I even showed it to my wife and family members. You're a master. God bless.

  9. I went looking for Borscht recipes and tried the Martha Stewart channel first – oh man, not good at all. Then I find this and OH MY GOSH. Now THIS is what I was looking for! A great borscht with substance and quality. Thank you so very much. I am making this tomorrow. So glad I found this video. Your comments are SUPER COOL. You ROCK, Tatyana, tell your mother she did a great job!! 😉